A Farewell to Lawrence

Since moving to Lawrence three years ago, I haven’t given much thought to leaving. Who would? Lawrence is, for the most part, an island utopia in a sea of choppy waters. It’s small enough to avoid large-scale problems like our neighbors to the east and west, and healthy enough to maintain a focus on all things local (politics, food, business, etc.). While my role for the past three years has been one of proud resident, it’s with a tender heart I share with you that as of August 1st, I am no longer a Lawrence resident. The mister and I (oh, and Herbie, too) have since moved to Indiana, so that I can begin my PhD at Purdue this fall. It’s been an adventure! Lafayette is no Lawrence, but it certainly has some excellent charm.

I will miss so many things about Lawrence: the friendly strangers, the random (and frequent) parades and events downtown, the fantastic Mass Street window displays, the noteworthy music scene. Lawrence is a great place, and I hope to return some day. Until then, this blog will still be here; a snapshot in time, and a resourceful reference for newbies to the area. I am grateful for your readership these past few years, and hope you’ve enjoyed peeking into the local shops and restaurants that make Massachusetts Street the magical place that it is. So until next time: shop local! And take care, friends.

4 Responses to “A Farewell to Lawrence”

  1. COMrade says:

    You will be missed!

  2. Meryl says:

    Aww, so sad to see you go! But best of luck on your new adventure!

  3. kelsey and cody says:

    We will surely miss you and all of the pups they made our days :)

  4. Nazla says:

    Oh hey, I sort of guessed this blog was maintained by you:) I found it prior to moving to Lawrence and you had everything down to the t about living in downtown. Good luck with the PhD…(remember, we used to complain about number 11 always running late!)