Happy Father’s Day

Just like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is a bonus opportunity each year to appreciate the love and support our father figure has given us. While there’s still some time before this June 15th holiday, it’s never too soon to consider thoughtful gifts! Since gift-giving for Dads can be difficult (sometimes even more so than gift-giving for Moms), I’ve created a few ideas that might be fitting to celebrate your Father this year.

Let’s begin with the dudes that love music. Whether he’s a Rat Pack kinda guy, or a Deadhead, you’ll find something up his alley at Love Garden. Or if you want to take his affinity for music one step further, see what’s playing at The Granada, Jackpot, The Bottleneck, or Liberty Hall. Experiencing live music can make for excellent memories together.

Love Garden has an impressive LP selection.

Even better, buy tickets to a live show.

If your pops it the kind of guy who is interested in specific hobbies and collectibles, perhaps he’d appreciate some comics from Astrokitty Comics, or a throwback game from Game Nut Entertainment. These gifts not only offer entertainment value, but could also remind him of some of his favorite memories as a kid (playing video games and reading Archie comics).

Does your dad enjoy gardening? Whether herbs, veggies, shrubs, or flowers, you can count on Howard Pine’s Garden Center and Greenhouse to have an excellent selection. Picking out a few plants and offering to give him a hand in the garden would make for a great Father’s Day (plus a fun daytime activity to engage in before an evening cookout).

Astrokitty has some fun comics & gifts.

Pick out some greens and get to plantin'!

If nothing fits the bill yet, a good book can usually save the day. Science fiction, mystery, horror, historical fiction, or maybe your Father enjoys a specific author (my Dad, for one, is a John Grisham reader), there are lots of options. Good book stores also stock journals, which could be a nice alternative, too. The Raven Book Store and Signs of Life are reliable shops downtown for new reads, while the Dusty Bookshelf offers a plethora of pre-loved books.

I would be remiss not to mention a good ‘ol lunch or dinner together at a downtown hot-spot. Jefferson’s is a great casual spot to catch beer and wings with Dad, or The Burger Stand is also a popular go-to. If he’s a fan of beer, take him to Merchant’s Pub & Plate and get a tasting flight together (they have 30 beers on tap, you know).

A good book is always a great gift.

Burgers & beers! It's a no-brainer.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate Dad this year. I’ve shared a few ideas related to music, hobbies, books, and grub, but no matter your gift, he will appreciate your thoughtfulness and love. Some fathers have everything they need (don’t you just hate that?), and you can do no better than a big fat hug and some steaks on the grill. However you celebrate, I wish you a lovely Father’s Day!

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