Off-Mass: Decade

A new coffee shop recently opened in East Lawrence, and it’s beautiful, fresh, and prepared rouse your senses. Decade, which celebrated its grand opening this past weekend, serves up hot coffee with a healthy side of community. Focused on providing a space in which neighbors can enjoy the pastime that is conversation, Decade offers a much needed break in this uber-connected day and age.

Keep your eye out for the yellow sign on Delaware.

THIS DECK. That's all I've got to say.

The hubs and I got up extra early last week to pay a visit to this new neighborhood gem (and for the record, it was entirely worth the extra snooze time I surrendered to get there). At 7am, the space was glowing with morning light, and the mood was gentle enough to woo me awake. Decked out in reclaimed wood – from the floor, to the coffee bar, to the community table and chairs – the aura was warm, which made for a lovely balance when drinking the upbeat coffee. Speaking of coffee, Decade brews Four Barrel which is based in San Francisco. Not only is Four Barrel fair-trade, it’s also high quality (win-win).

Coffee from Four Barrel.

How about those windows?

As for the atmosphere, Decade offers a fresh, welcoming feel, which is in line with its mission to cultivate a space for conversation and community. With this in mind, leave the computer at home, folks! There’s no wifi here, anyway (it’s quite the relief, if you ask me). It’s amazing what a coffee shop can become when the digital screens disappear; the magic of community erupts with pleasantries and engagement. Imagine that!

I ordered a cafe latte...

and we sat to enjoy coffee - a rarity for us.

During our short visit, I enjoyed a café latte and my partner ordered a regular coffee. We sat and enjoyed our drinks, chatted with the owner, and then I wandered out to view the spacious deck. It’s the perfect outdoor space to stake out on a cool spring morning, before the rush of the day begins. Another wholesome detail about Decade: the pottery mugs and saucers – made by local Michael Crouch – make the experience of drinking coffee all the more elegant.

Pottery by Michael Crouch.

So much beauty in this space.

While the coffee shop itself is still new, there are already plans in place to keep things lively. Coffee and pastries are a given, but in the future the owner also hopes to offer salads and sandwiches, and perhaps even acquire a liquor license at some point. Another update that will take place is the hours of operation; Decade is currently open 6:30am-5pm, but future hours may stretch into the evening. Plenty to look forward to here! But first things first: get up, get out, and pay a visit to Decade.

Find Decade at: 920 Delaware Street, Lawrence KS 66044.

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2 Responses to “Off-Mass: Decade”

  1. Meryl says:

    We haven’t tried it yet–I’m a loyal Tazza patron–but Sweet Husband is dying to. Glad to know it’s good stuff!

  2. Rain Charger says:

    Wow looks like a great place. I’m really enjoying your blog. As a college kid going to Haskell the perspective on Lawrence tends to be kind of mysterious at times but your posts really make the place feel like home.