Off-Mass: Bird Dog Bar at The Oread

Lawrence has no shortage of fantastic restaurants downtown (we all know that). But if you travel up the hill to KU’s campus, you probably know the options to dine out aren’t as bountiful. Luckily, located at the North entrance of main campus is the Bird Dog Bar, which features an upscale, American sportsman theme and tasty meals. Since it’s open for lunch and dinner all week long, it’s really the only option you need to know about when hiking the hill.

The Bird Dog is located off to the left of The Oread's entryway.

Plenty of space, lots of light, and TVs all around so you won't miss the game.

The Bird Dog Bar is located right inside The Oread’s entryway (off to the left), which makes it an easy spot to locate and get to when visiting main campus. A ten minute walk from KU’s Memorial Stadium, this restaurant bar is also ideal (thanks again to location) before and after football games in the fall. Interested in venturing off Mass Street with family in town, we visited Bird Dog a couple weeks back for a Sunday lunch and were happy to soak up the relaxed vibe and pleasant surroundings. The exposed limestone walls and tall, airy windows are unique features that exude a freshness and simplicity.

All of the Bird Dog's tables are named after dogs!

Also, it's a pretty darn adorable logo, don't you agree?

Named after a beloved dog named Samantha (so the story is told on the back of the menu), the Bird Dog has named each of its restaurant tables after a pup (we sat a ‘Lucy’). A dog lover myself, I enjoyed reading about the restaurant’s inspiration stemming from a dear pet. Besides having a lovely ambiance and a great story, Bird Dog offers some excellent eats, too! The well-organized menu has something for everyone; it’s focused and full of the classics. Starters, burgers, salads, wraps, and even steak! I kept it simple with the chicken club and fries, and the mister had a turkey melt with a side of mac & cheese. Truth be told, I’ve had plenty of items from this menu and can’t say a bad word about any of it.

Turkey melt with mac & cheese.

Chicken club with fries.

The Bird Dog Bar may be a hop, skip, and a jump from Mass Street, but it’s worth the trip. And if you find yourself on KU’s campus in the near future, you may as well head over for a drink and a quick bite (or more). There’s even an outdoor patio to enjoy once the weather decides to heat up! All in all, Bird Dog joins the list of other terrific restaurants around town.

Find Bird Dog Bar at: 1200 Oread Avenue, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.830.3921]

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