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Here in the land of crimson and blue, Jayhawk memorabilia has a value all its own. Photos of famous players or key moments in historic games are not only excellent gifts (to give others, or oneself) but may be worth a pretty penny, too. While shops and sellers are vast and varied, it is often a lively challenge to locate some of these one-of-a-kind pieces or newer items. What’s more, shopping for these keepsakes online can be disconcerting when the seller is unknown. Our very own Framewoods Gallery is both local and up-to-date when it comes to special Jayhawk photos, prints, and unique mementos. Consider it a one-stop-shop!

Much, much more than just a custom frame shop.

They've got unique items and awesome prints.

I stopped into Framewoods before the holiday season hit, knowing full well that the “Rules of Basketball” would make an ideal gift for my husband. Little did I know I’d have trouble choosing between the different options; there’s the non-framed Rules of Basketball ($42), framed ($125), and even an option to have James Naismiths’ photo flanked by the Rules ($275). Like I said before, excellent gift ideas in a variety of options and price points! The panorama photo of this year’s January 18th KU vs. OSU game also caught my eye. This photo celebrates the energy of Jayhawk nation and spotlights the oh-so handsome James Naismith Court. Had I attended that game I would definitely be interested in purchasing this keepsake for an entertainment room or home bar area.

Panorama photo of the recent KU vs. OSU game.

Or how about this Leather Head basketball??

During my visit I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Framewoods also carries autographed photos and basketballs, along with specialty items like the 2013 KU Basketball collectable cards, and the Leather Head Naismith Style Lace Up Basketball (a replica of the first ever lace-up basketball). Dave Seal, the owner of Framewoods, mentions that his inventory changes often thanks to visits from former KU players. For example, Dave recently had a pair of Wilt Chamberlain’s vintage pants on display! It’s items like this that are unpredictable and quick to sell.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect Jayhawk gift only to come up empty handed, you would be remiss not to visit Framewoods. With endless options of KU artwork and photos, there is surely something for everyone. The best part is you can even confirm the perfect matting and framing options for your gift, since that has been a staple service of Framewoods for over 30 years now. This is exactly what I decided to do for the Rules of Basketball – custom matting and framing – which made this gift a real slam dunk in my husband’s book.

Find Framewoods Gallery at: 819 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.842.4900]

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