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Happy New Year, Lawrence! The start of a fresh new year is so revitalizing, don’t you agree? It’s no wonder so many often turn to New Year’s resolutions to really get things going. Let’s see, there’s usually something about sweets mentioned (like not eating them), and maybe an intent to change bad habits, but it seems like exercise always makes the list (every. single. year. sheesh!). To say it can be difficult to make exercise a daily/weekly/fill-in-the-blank habit is an understatement, but there are certainly a few places around town that make this lifestyle change a little easier on us. One of these places is The Summit.

The relatively new downtown gym.

View from north entrance - very open and full of light.

The Summit is located on the corner of 9th and New Hampshire, and it’s fully prepped to make New Year’s resolutions come true. This gym offers almost everything: workout machines, free-weights, workout classes, personal training sessions, a rock-climbing wall, infrared saunas, and even massage therapy. Moreover, there’s free parking in the attached parking garage (south of the building) so that you have no troubles or set-backs with downtown street parking.

I’ve been a member of this gym for a little over a year now, and there are some notable qualities that set this gym apart from others I’ve experienced. The open floorplan makes the gym easy to get around and allows you to jump from one machine to another. With almost all of the equipment located on the main floor you can easily see every machine from any point in the gym. The space is flooded with natural eastern light, which is also quite appealing. The staff members even open the floor-to-ceiling windows during the warmer months to allow fresh air to circulate (so that Stinky McStinkerson next to you doesn’t clog up your airways).

Rock-climbing wall! Right up front.

Photo taken from The Summit's website.

The full service locker rooms, located in the basement, are a huge plus, too. They’re nicer than my own home bathroom! And if you’ve forgotten any necessities you may need during your post-workout clean-up, they are prepared with things like a razor, shampoo, and Q-tips. Is that full-service, or what?

I’m no workout buff, but I know a friendly gym when I see it. If you’re interested in championing your New Year’s workout resolutions this year, check out The Summit’s membership options. Not ready to commit? They offer a free day pass on their website, so that all can experience their facilities before taking the plunge. So let’s hit the gym! And maybe we can actually tackle one of our resolutions this year.

Downstairs offers locker rooms, sauna, and boxing.

So much more than "just" a gym...

Find The Summit at: 901 New Hampshire, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.856.7979]

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