The Fix Salon

It’s the time of year for holiday parties and Christmas photos. Everybody dresses in their finest, making sure their hair is styled just so and their nails are clean and trimmed. Since many of us have been preoccupied with gifts, baking, and sending holiday cards (or is it just me?), planning ahead for a salon appointment just didn’t happen. This often has an impressive effect on local salons; it can be somewhat difficult to squeeze in a hair trim or manicure when everyone else has the same thought as you (which is: Oh crap! I wonder if the salon has any openings tonight…).

Thank goodness local salons, such as The Fix Salon, are properly prepared for the holiday rush. Located near 9th and New Hampshire Street downtown, The Fix Salon offers hair and nail care, tanning and massage.

The Fix Salon, at 9th and New Hampshire.

A cozy salon with hair care, nail care, and more.

I popped into The Fix Salon on a weeknight around 6:45pm – with no appointment, mind you – to request a manicure. Good fortune was on my side; I was warmly welcomed in and promptly seated at the nail station (phew). They have one nail technician at Fix – Adaiha – and she had just finished with an appointment when I stopped by. One detail that I appreciate about The Fix Salon is its hours: they’re open until about 8pm Tuesday-Friday which definitely accommodates the typical work schedule.

Without wasting any time, I chose a nail color and began soaking my cuticles. As I was having my nails done, I noticed the charm and coziness of the interior space. The main hair salon area is separated from the manicure/pedicure area and massage room. This creates a sense of relaxation and intimacy. Sometimes the salon experience can seem a little overwhelming; walking into a busy salon where all the services take place in one large room can feel impersonal and, dare I say, stressed. It’s quite the opposite at The Fix Salon. It’s a personalized experience, which is evident the minute you walk through the door.

Separate room for nail care.

I felt comfortable and right at home here.

During the 45 minutes that I spent at the salon, I felt pampered, enjoyed good company, and was impressed with the final result of my manicure. While I was initially hesitant to attempt a last-minute manicure (feeling certain I would be turned away because of a booked schedule), I’m so glad I gave The Fix Salon a try! My manicure was $17 ($21 after tip), and it served not only as prep for holiday partying, but also as a much needed night of carefree enjoyment. With New Years Eve around the corner, why not consider a little salon time?

Check out that wall of nail color!

The finished product. Lasted for 8+ days.

Find The Fix Salon at: 845 New Hampshire Street, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.749.0047]

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