Waxman Candles

Candles seem like a kind of magical home decor item, don’t you think? They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, some of them smell truly divine, and they have the ability to instantly change the mood of any room. Magic! What’s even better is that they make a great gift item for almost anyone. With that in mind, I headed to Waxman Candles to check out the goods and pick up a few gift items.

Waxman welcomes Lawrencian visitors to town near 6th and Mass Street.

If you can imagine a candle, it probably exists here. In two shapes and five colors.

This was my first visit to Waxman, and I was certainly impressed with the sheer number of candles housed in this impressive space. Hundreds of candles are spread across the floor, organized neatly by theme, color or type. Indeed, there are holiday candles (i.e. snowmen, winter themes, pinecones, Christmas trees, Gingerbread people, santas, and more), Kansas themed candles (i.e. Kansas silhouettes, sunflowers, hay bales, Jayhawks, and more), votives, tapers, and even soy candles. On the rare chance that you don’t find what you’re looking for here (although that’s really quite hard to believe), Waxman takes special requests so that you can get exactly what you want.

Can I get a ROCK CHALK?! These candles take Jayhawk spirit to a whole new level.

I was slightly obsessed with the winter wonderland themed candles.

A Lawrence staple for over 40 years now, it is no wonder Waxman Candles offers truly exquisite candles and is prepared to satisfy customer needs and requests. Each candle here is made entirely on site, and has exceptional burning quality and fragrance. Speaking of, Waxman offers over 300 fragrances available, some of the more popular being: apple spice, rain, vanilla, sunflower, and orange ginger, to name a few. Considering all of this, I can understand why their customer base is so robust. When chatting with the store associate during my visit, I was told that even Lawrence expats make sure to return to Waxman for candle orders and store visits.Votive candles are one of the store’s “best sellers” items.

Check out those vibrant colors!

Votive candles are one of the store's "best sellers" items.

My stop at Waxman was supposed to be a quick 15 minute visit to browse the store and get some basic ideas for holiday gifts. Instead, I found myself dancing from one themed display to the next, unable to pull myself away from the creative wax figurines. I was in awe of the detail found in the craftsmanship of the candles, and had to take a few home (both for me, and for loved ones). I picked up a few taper candles, along with a few winter themed candles as a gift. Thirty minutes later, with $48.92 worth of candles in hand, I reluctantly left the store. Obviously, Waxman Candles is a winning choice for gift items and holiday cheer!

Find Waxman Candles at: 609 Massachusetts St, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.843.8593]

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