Sandbar Sub Shop

I think it’s safe to say that all of Lawrence is familiar with the Sandbar (and the most delightful “Shark Attack” you’ll ever encounter in your life). But have you experienced the Sandbar Sub Shop? The downtown Lawrence location opened just weeks ago and it’s easy to tell this tropical sub shop is going to do wonders for downtown Lawrence.

The Sandbar Sub Shop sits across the street from the Sandbar.

Welcome to the World Headquarters of Sandbar Subs!

Sandbar Subs currently has four locations: Ottawa, East 23rd Street in Lawrence, West 6th Street in Lawrence, and the newest location in downtown Lawrence. Specializing in quality meats and cheeses (I’ve been told ‘processed food’ is not in their vocabulary), this sub shop takes the average deli experience to the next level. Complete with digital menus, interactive kiosks, and a jukebox (I mean, it does say Sandbar in the title – music is a must here), this place is prepared!

Decisions, decisions...

Ordering kiosks? No confusion; easy-peasy.

Keep in mind, this place isn’t just a sub shop. Do you need to pick up some gum before you hit the bars? Or maybe you have a little headache, but don’t know where to pick up medicine downtown? Sandbar Subs has you covered. They have a decent selection of basic convenience store items, such as gum, headache medicine, and more that will save you from traveling too far. I find this so valuable since downtown currently lacks a mini-mart of sorts. What could make this better? Well, how about if they were open 24 hours? Hey, you’ve got it! While Sandbar Subs is currently open until 10pm, they claim to be open ’round the clock in less than one month. Did I say this sub shop is going to do wonders for downtown? … This sub shop is going to do wonders for downtown.

The space seems to go on forever in here...

Leading to a dining area in back.

As for the subs, they’re awesomely satisfying. I had The Cyclone (grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and Patty’s Killer Dip), and the Mister had the Pirate Steak (toasted – roast beef, BBQ sauce, swiss and american cheeses, onions and green peppers). It’s easy to tell they use quality meats here; the Mister even made a point to mention that the roast beef is really good (making sure I emphasize it appropriately). I was also impressed that for just $2 you can make your order a combo – chips and a 32oz drink (whoa). This made our tasty meals only $15.20 (together).

If you love the Sandbar, you’ll love the Sandbar Subs just as much! I’m so happy to have this sub shop downtown, and look forward to its updates and growth.


The Cyclone - split into two smaller wraps.

Find Sandbar Sub Shop at: 745 New Hampshire St, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.842.0111]

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