Rockin’ Parrot

Hey Lawrence! We have a newbie downtown! Rockin’ Parrot moved into 1027 Mass Street on August 10th, and can I just say, it’s such a perky boutique to shop. While the Lawrence store is just a few weeks old, Rockin’ Parrot originated in Osage City; that store has been around for much longer. Specializing in new and used upscale clothing – as well as antiques! – this shop has something for every budget.

A few new signs & sass at 1027 Mass St.

And a neon green door? Ohheckyes.

I stopped in Rockin’ Parrot a couple weeks ago to scope out the scene and peruse the clothing racks. While it’s easy to notice from outside (hellooo, neon green door), and I could gather from signage that it’s a consignment shop, I wanted to know about the store’s setup and character. Well goodness, was I in for it. The store looks like my dream closet! Neatly organized racks of clothing, a few antique display cases sprinkled with jewelry, and a large dressing room complete with cushy chair and glowing lamp. Naturally, I had to find something to try on. And somehow, I didn’t doubt this task would be easily accomplished.

Welcome to my dream closet, folks.

Clothing AND gorgeous antiques for sale.

As I mined the racks for gems, I noticed the price range is, well, broad. A $15 shirt here, a $5 top there, a $300 blouse there, a … $300 blouse?! Yep. As I mentioned before, this is an upscale new and used consignment boutique; the prices will run the gamut, as will the labels. I really appreciate this eclectic character, and find it attractive when a business can cater to various groups and interests. Anyway, back to the $300 blouse – the store associate informed me that Rockin’ Parrot purchases some of the same designer pieces as Hobbs and Spectators. So hey! You really can find everything here.

(sigh) May I try on my skirt, and enjoy a coffee, and never leave? Thanks.

The soft pale pink vintage skirt that came home with me.

During my visit, I found a shy pink vintage skirt that was calling my name. After giving it a whirl in the dressing room, I was feeling quite smitten. Then I looked at the price tag: $15.99. Yep! Done deal. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the easiest decision of my weekend.

I think it’s safe to say Rockin’ Parrot is going to do just fine on Mass Street. The fresh store front, charming interior, and diverse offerings make it a delight to visit. Need some new wardrobe pieces for the school year? On a budget? The Rockin’ Parrot is sure to have something that fits both your style and your budget.

Find Rockin’ Parrot at: 1027 Massachusetts St, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.207.7200]

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  1. Meryl says:

    Thanks for getting the low-down. I keep wanting to check this place out, but haven’t had a child-free opportunity–hopefully soon!