Off-Mass: Southwind Health Collective

I don’t know about you, but I’ve started to feel a little stressed out as the school year approaches (can I get an Amen?). The projects, the due dates, the exams… just thinking about it seems to cause my back, shoulder and neck muscles to tighten up. It could be classified as an involuntary reaction, truly. Since these types of issues need to be handled correctly (ahem,.. I’m afraid a 10 min back massage from the Mister won’t cut it), I asked a few friends for recommendations on places around town that offer massages. My colleague mentioned Southwind Health Collective, and without thinking twice, I scheduled my appointment.

Located at the corner of 11th and Kentucky.

A quiet, peaceful location near downtown.

The tension in my back had been building up for a few weeks so I requested an appointment ASAP. The earliest I could get in was five days later – a Saturday. After considering my specific needs, it was recommended that I partner with Carol to receive a 60 minute massage. This past Saturday at 11am I was ready to unwind and relax!

Southwind is located at the corner of 11th Street and Kentucky. It’s a beautiful, seemingly quiet area with lots of big trees; I started to relax just walking up to the building.¬†One of the key characteristics of Southwind that I really appreciate is its charm. Unlike a typical spa, Southwind exudes a calm vibe throughout the space. There’s no busy entryway, complete with noisy phone, hustle and bustle, etc. It’s just a beautiful space – wooden floors, spirited artwork, natural light – and the sound of the wind in the trees outside. As you can tell, even when the massage ended, I could leave carrying my relief out the door with me!

Charming, simple interior.

Comfortable and welcoming.

As for the massage itself, it was purifying. Carol was careful to talk through some of the knots she found in my back (what does this feel like? – I appreciated the thoughtfulness), and after a bit of careful movement, the tension was gone. Of course, sixty minutes seemed to evaporate into thin air, and I was left wondering is there such a thing as a 300 minute massage?? … well, a girl can dream…

I’m very happy with my experience at Southwind. My sixty minute massage totaled $70 (plus tip, $84), and it’s money well spent. Life can get going too fast sometimes, and while it may not be possible to pull off course indefinitely, tune-ups can really do wonders for every-day performance. If massage isn’t your thing, Southwind offers other bodywork, such as: acupuncture and raindrop therapy. Good to know, right? Wishing you peaceful living until next week, Lawrence!

Find Southwind Health Collective at: 1045 Kentucky Street, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.843.7500]

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