Off-Mass: The Nest (at The Oread)

Named after the well known hill it sits atop, The Oread is a beautiful, beastly hotel located on the University of Kansas main campus. Beyond overnight accommodations, this relatively new limestone structure also offers dining, bars, a lower-level nightclub, multiple terraces, and a rooftop bar. With friends in town this past weekend for a double date, we made plans to experience The Nest on Ninth (the rooftop bar) for some evening entertainment and perspective.

The Oread sits on Oread Ave, just north of the KU campus.

Bright and spacious lobby; the entry way to our entertainment for the evening.

Heading to The Nest on Ninth requires a bit of travel time: take the elevator to the eighth floor, then it’s stairs to the top. That being said, the view is well worth the hike. Peering out east, south, and west, you can see the KU Football Stadium, the Campanile, main campus, and even downtown Mass Street. What’s better, the layout of the rooftop is open; plenty of seating and/or standing room for multiple groups or parties. This was a pleasant surprise. For some reason, I always imagined it wasn’t so spacious up top, but it’s quite the opposite.

Looking west, toward the Campanile.

KU campus at dusk.

Of course, there is a bar up on The Nest. And to our great fortune, there were a couple waitresses walking around offering to take drink orders. I’m not sure if this is standard for The Nest, but it sure made the night that much more pleasurable. Instead of standing in line at the bar, we walked around and found a table. Sassie Mae and the Cornerstones were performing the evening we stopped by (8-10pm), so we were eager to check out this local acapella group.

Big tables and an open floor plan.

Sassie Mae and the Cornerstones.

A fine summer night to enjoy rooftop music.

And how about that Midwestern sky?

We had a lovely time Saturday night, and I look forward to heading back. The Freestate Copperhead beers were just $5 a cup, and since there was no cover charge to enjoy The Nest, that was our only expense! Also, in case you aren’t familiar with Sassie Mae and the Cornerstones, they’re a fun group. Without realizing it, I caught myself bobbing my head to their expressive and catchy tunes. I think that means it was a successful night out. And on that note, I’ll leave you with a few final photos from the top. Cheers!

Looking east, toward Mass Street.

Neon Campanile, say whaaaat.

Find The Nest on Ninth at The Oread Hotel: 1200 Oread Avenue, Lawrence Kansas 66044

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