MISTER Mass: Astrokitty Comics

It’s another edition of MISTER MASS!  Astrokitty Comics is one of my favorite stores to browse through in downtown.  It’s located in the Palladian building, right beside THIS store  that the MRS loved so much.  Founded in 2005, Astrokitty Comics sells comics (duh). They also sell memorabilia , Magic the Gathering Cards, Munchkin (which if you have never played YOU MUST NOW), and more.  I will admit, comic book stores intimidate me.  I used to work a block away from Midtown Comics in New York City, and the size of that store was too big to comprehend.  I had drifted away from comics.  Then two things happened… DC re-launched their universe with the New 52 and I found Astrokitty Comics.

The sign is awesome out front!

Welcome sign for the Magic tourney.

The store is brightly painted and just the right size.  It sells comics, it does not buy comics.  This makes for a great, non-intimidating environment for the casual comic fan like myself, yet still has everything a hardcore comic fan would love.    The staff can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Magic the Gathering tourney in full force.

Inside of Astrokitty, loving the yellow ceiling.

It was a Sunday afternoon, which meant there was a Magic the Gathering tournament just starting.  Magic the Gathering is a two person card game.  Players collect cards ( like baseball cards) in expansion packs.  They must then choose what cards to include in their deck before they even start a match with their opponent.   They hold tourneys every Saturday and Sunday.  It’s a great environment, and a place to meet people and try out your deck.

Helpful staff to run the tourneys, and help you find anything you need.

Your one stop shop for graphic novels, collectables, and memorabilia .

I’ll admit, I consume most of my comics digitally these days.  There is still nothing as amazing as holding a comic book in your hand and reading it for the first time.  It’s like a miniature Christmas each time.  Today I snagged Batman #22 (I LOVE me some Scott Snyder!) and the new Star Wars Legacy.  Astrokitty is an amazing place to learn and discover new worlds.  All parents should go out and buy their daughters and sons a few comics.  Who knows what it might inspire?

Astrokitty Comics is open M: 12-5, Tu:  12-7, W, Th: 11-7, F: 11-9, Sat: 11-7, Sun: 12-5

Find Astrokitty Comics at:  15 E. 7th St. Lawrence, Kansas 66044

2 Responses to “MISTER Mass: Astrokitty Comics”

  1. Kate Gramlich Roumbos says:

    Okay me commenting again (just found your blog and got excited haha). My husband is a pretty big nerd and I’ll have to tell him about this next time we visit. He also digs Munchkin, so when we move up there you may have a new board game partner!

  2. MisterMass says:

    YES! Sounds good Kate, email the Mrs. under contact!