The Burger Stand

Recognized on a variety of lists for “best burger,” The Burger Stand is truly one of a kind (well, besides its second location in Topeka). Boasting a menu that not only includes bold burgers, but also “hawt doggz,” vegetarian options and killer fries, this hot spot is rarely quiet and often buzzing (the on-tap beers help in that regard). While burgers know no season, they seem to taste the best in the summer time. So, this past Saturday eve my partner in crime and I took a jaunt down Mass Street and enjoyed a couple juicy patties and a basket of fries. Here’s the scoop, folks…

The Burger Stand at the Casbah.

The interior radiates with electric energy.

The interior of this restaurant is probably one of my favorites in Lawrence: the ceiling is tall, hard wood floors, stone walls. Upon reaching the back half of the interior, the space slices into an upper and lower portion; it’s curious and well organized to comfortably seat – I’d guess – about six or seven dozen. Moreover, The Burger Stand is a fast-casual dining set-up.

Upon entering the building, we jumped in line along the right side of a wood-top counter which plows down the center of the main floor (and yes – there is usually a line – but it moves quickly, and you’ll need time to decide anyway). Waiting in line allows time to browse the white menus scattered along the counter (or, you can peek up at the chalkboard menu above the register for a more colorful experience).

Bar/register area - menu board above.

Paper menus scattered along the counter.

Once the orders were placed, we provided a name for the order and snagged a table top up on the second floor which provided a nice view of the main space. It was only about five or ten minutes later that our name was called, and our order was ready at the pick-up counter below. The pick up counter, downstairs in the back, is conveniently located next to the “get sauced” counter (ha ha) which offers six dipping sauces for fries (they even have to-go containers for the sauce!). As for our main orders… for me: Black Bean Burger (with jalapeno pepper-jack cheese and roasted Pablano salsa). For him: The Classic (served with Vermont cheddar & locally grown micro-greens). To share: Regular Fries (I know.. I know.. usually I go for truffle or cajun, but this time we kept it simple).

Black Bean Burger.

The Classic.

Side of Regular Fries.

"Get Sauced" counter! Mmm...

So why does The Burger Stand land on “best burger” lists so often? Here it is: meaty, sized to perfection, and gourmet. These burgers don’t skimp on the meat! They’re packed full of tasty goodness, and it’s easy to tell each burger is cooked to perfection. Moreover, they’re not too big (some burgers can be obnoxiously tall and/or wide) nor too small (no sliders here). Finally, all of this in addition to the fresh, creative toppings make these burgers truly gourmet. Interested in blue cheese & granny smith apple chutney? It’s called the Black & Blue. Care for fresh avocado & habanero-cactus jam? Yep, they named it the Fire Burger. You guys… they even have CORN DOGS. (Is your mouth watering yet?)

Spacious upstairs.

Darker downstairs.

All in all, we’re not lacking fabulous burger joints in Lawrence, and The Burger Stand is one major player in the game. We had a great night out for a delicious meal in a funky, inspiring spot and only spent about $26 (two burgers, fries, and two beers). That’s my kinda date! Hope you make it out for a summer burger-fix soon, and heck, “get sauced” while you’re at it. (wink, wink)

Our view from the table top in the sky.

Find The Burger Stand at: 803 Massachusetts St, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.856.0543]

2 Responses to “The Burger Stand”

  1. Meryl says:

    The one in Topeka is our go-to for special lunches at work (because it’s an outpost of Lawrence, really). Although I do wish they had sliders–then I could have one of each kind instead of having to choose!

  2. Brian Ring says:

    When we were in Lawrence visiting Mrs. Mass and her husband we had gone to this place on their recommendation and it was awesome!! The Truffle fries were awesome, so were the Duck fat fries! I also enjoyed the The original. Thanks!!