Mirth Cafe

One of the breakfast staples of Lawrence is Mirth Cafe, undoubtedly. This fine establishment has been a part of Lawrence since 2006 but just recently moved to a new corner spot downtown at 10th and New Hampshire. I had a couple work meetings at the new Mirth location this week (tough break, right?), and since I haven’t previously written about this restaurant I thought I’d share my experience with you here.

Front entrance on 10th St. Swamped with people on Saturday mornings.

Look! The space is so pretty, clean, and full of natural light.

Some of the key characteristics of Mirth are its big open space, tall windows letting in the eastern morning light, no-fuss wooden chairs and tables, and a welcoming self-serve coffee bar (the key ingredient to a spectacular breakfast). All of these traits were found at the previous location, too; Mirth maintained its look and feel through the seamless move to the new space. Having been in the new location since February of this year, the staff seem right at home and the business seems busy as usual!

Big windows flood the space with light.

Self-serve coffee. Because hell yeah.

While most of the environment remains the same in the new space, there are a few differences worth mentioning. The first is the kitchen. The Mirth’s new location has an open kitchen, and you know how I feel about open kitchens. The second is related to the first: cleanliness. A colleague of mine mentioned that this new space feels cleaner (I have to admit, I never thought the former location felt anything less than clean…) which is only ever good news. The last thing worth mentioning is: local bathrooms! At the old Mirth, a bathroom trip required you to essentially leave the restaurant and venture to the shared public bathroom inside the larger building. No more hikes involved here, folks! The bathrooms are a table jump away.

Open kitchen. Isn't she gorgeous?

Hellooooo kitchen. No secrets there.

Eggs Benedict. Because it makes all right in the world.

Mirth's Big Breakfast. The eggs be smilin' cause it's just that good.

Enough bathroom talk, let’s get to what really matters… the food. Do I need to tell you that Mirth knows what it’s doing?? Well, it knows what it’s doing. My favorite breakfast items are the eggs benedict (truly served to perfection) and the oatmeal (because the balance of brown sugar with fresh fruit seems almost scientific). My colleague Linda swears by the Mirth’s big breakfast (eggs, toast, bacon, potatoes!). Really though, you can’t go wrong, or at least… I haven’t managed to go wrong yet. Also, none of their menu items hit the $9 mark! So you can count on an affordable, filling breakfast. Have you been to the old location, and the new location? What are your thoughts on the change? I’d be interested to hear what everyone else thinks. Wishing you a mirthful breakfast, Lawrence!

Find Mirth Cafe at: 947 New Hampshire St, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.841.3282]

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  1. Meryl says:

    We really enjoyed the new space too. And goodness, I love their huevos rancheros!