Off-Mass: Sporting Kansas City

If you’re into sports, the Kansas City area has a few teams you might be interested in. There’s the Kansas City Chiefs, the Kansas City Royals, or, if you actually want to cheer for a winning team (buuuuurn), then you can always buy a couple tickets to Sporting Kansas City! We were lucky enough to receive two suite tickets (valued at $100 a piece) from my husband’s place of employment for this past Saturday’s 7:30pm game against Montreal Impact. And so, we headed 28.3 miles northeast on 1-70 to the most beautiful sporting venue around for some Major League Soccer.

View from the suite.

Panoramic view from the balcony seats.

We had attended only one game before, in general admission seats on the southeast corner. It was such a blast, and an entirely different experience as compared to the suite. I’d say they both have their perks (GA seats put you right in the action, and the suite tickets provide a bird’s eye view), but it was great to see a game from both perspectives. The suite, however, provides the luxury sporting experience: free beverages, food, and cover from threatening weather.

A few notes about Sporting KC: they used to be known as the Kansas City Wizards until they changed their name – and venue – in 2010. Their colors are “sporting blue” and “dark indigo” (ahem,… light blue and dark blue) and their logo is a shield representing the Kansas-Missouri state line. Their main fan groups sit on the north side of the stadium, which is known as The Cauldron (based on their former name – the Wizards). The fan groups in the Cauldron are the rallying group of the stadium. Sporting KC currently has about nine different fan groups, one of which is from Lawrence! They’re known as the Mass Street Mob.

Unfortunately, Sporting KC lost 2-1 on the night we attended, but, we did get to see the one and only KC goal scored by Claudio Bieler. I caught it on video (albeit, my phone video) and have it posted below for your entertainment pleasure. The burst of blue confetti – around the 27th second – from The Cauldron is pretty neat.

If you’re not familiar with Sporting KC, I’d recommend snatching up a couple $20 tickets to see what it’s all about. While I’m mostly a football gal (grew up in Nebraska; I have a Husker heart that bleeds red), I can enjoy and appreciate any sporting event if it’s live. Sporting KC makes this easy, and I hope to be back for a few more games in the future.


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