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Once again, my locks have experienced neglect due to my oversight regarding hair care. Oops. Well, let it be known that this time around I was quite bored with my mane, and so, I was interested in some sage advice and experienced hands. After turning to the twittersphere for salon recommendations, I decided on Static Hair Salon.

Located on 8th Street between Mass & New Hampshire.

Vibrant interior. Cozy space. Energetic vibe.

Since I knew I was interested in a change – but wasn’t sure what that change would be – I scheduled my first appointment as a consultation (which is no charge here, FYI). This way, I could talk through some of my ideas with my stylist, and he/she could tell me which ideas to toss out the window and never consider again, and which ones could work. My first appointment was set for a Tuesday at 5pm with Taylor, and it took all of about 10 minutes! During our brief discussion, Taylor advised a chin-length cut and suggested color (instead of a wave, which I had also considered). After that was over, I set my appointment for four days later – Saturday at 11:45am.

Front desk/waiting area/hair products.

Lots of light from the front windows!

I was told the appointment would take about 2 hours for the cut and color, and that was about spot-on. Taylor started with color. I was eager to share that I had decided on red, but wasn’t sure of a specific tone. Fortunately, she was ready with a book of colored hair samples (this could have occupied my imagination for┬áhours), which made communication about color much easier. After the mix was whipped up and slathered on, I played the waiting game. We washed up and returned to the hot seat to begin the cut.

During that time, I enjoyed conversation with Taylor, and noticed how friendly and chatty the rest of the stylists were, too. I’m sure the space plays into the natural flow of conversation here; it’s basically one large room where five stations reside, creating a neighborly atmosphere. Since I’ve now experienced four salons here in Lawrence, I’ve noticed this is not always the norm. I definitely enjoyed this cozy atmosphere.

Before: Messy & lackluster.

After: Trimmed & rich.

The cut always seems to happen so quickly, and suddenly I was staring at a new gal in the mirror. I have to admit, the color was a little shocking at first, but I quickly settled into this new look. I’ve never had hair this dark, but it’s such a refreshing change! What’s more, the hue changes slightly, depending on indoor lighting or direct sunlight. It’s a beautiful color and I’m grateful for Taylor’s careful work and consideration. My cut and color totaled $98 ($118 with tip). This was an excellent experience and I’ll definitely be returning in the future.

The color is especially brilliant in the sunlight.

Find Static Hair Salon at: 12 East 8th Street, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.830.9400]

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  1. Meryl says:

    Cute, cute! I went to what felt like a million places in Lawrence before I found Static. Love them!