Alchemy Coffee

While some consider coffee an essential element of the morning hours and others prefer it as an occasional pick-me-up, there are some people who consider coffee a work of art. And those people need to visit Alchemy Coffee, because folks, it doesn’t get much more beautiful than this.

I heard about Alchemy Coffee from a few friends and was definitely intrigued based on the name alone. This little escape from reality is located south of downtown – off Mass St at 19th – and offers a sweet moment of pause with the smoothest coffee around. Since we had an exciting afternoon ahead of us today, we made a stop at Alchemy Coffee after church this morning to savor a cup of joe and check out this new hot spot.

Mr. Benjamin Farmer, carefully perfecting our pour-overs.

Coffee can be scientific. And heavenly. Scientifically heavenly.

Benjamin Farmer is the owner and operator of this fine establishment. While I didn’t know him before today, it’s easy to tell – within the first few moments experiencing Alchemy – his coffee shop is an extension of his personality. See, coffee here is made with great care, and patience is required; the pour-overs we had took about three minutes to perfect. And it’s easy to tell Benjamin enjoys the process and beauty of this method. The mood of the shop, too, is peaceful and subdued. The minimalism of the interior design, the fresh face of the cream walls juxtaposed with the zingy yellow wall… it all exudes a calm, organic vibe.

But enough of aesthetics, let’s talk coffee. I’m a coffee and cream girl, you know? Not one to enjoy my coffee black. But at Alchemy – where the cream and sugar are safely nestled behind the counter (for a few reasons) – this sweet addition is truly not needed. Not needed! Never have I ever had coffee so smooth and pleasantly surprising.

Light-filled interior of Alchemy Coffee.

Excellent coffee requires patience.

I had the Sidamo V60 (a recommendation), and the hubs had the Brazil V60. The Sidamo V60 smelled ever so lightly like blueberries, and had hints of fruit in its flavor, too. The hubs’ Brazil V60 smelled nutty, and was much darker tasting than the Sidamo. As a nibble on the side, we shared a cinnamon raisin with walnuts and brown butter glaze cookie (amazingness). Then, as if things couldn’t get better, we were also offered a sample of the Panama cold brew coffee which was unbelievable. (truly, it was so smooth that I didn’t believe it was coffee – it seemed more like tea!)

VoilĂ : excellence in the form black liquid & baked good.

No need for overwhelming choices - less is more here.

Our encounter with Alchemy Coffee was such a pleasure. Our 12oz coffees and delightful cookie totaled about $11, but the sweet ambiance the experience affords is free. While we’re spoiled with fantastic coffee shops here in Lawrence, Alchemy’s nuance is refreshing and satisfying. Hope you can make time this week to savor this luxury!

Find Alchemy Coffee at: 1901 Massachusetts St. Suite B, Lawrence KS 66047. [785.424.4546]

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