Kansas Half Marathon

It’s not every day that I wake up to a live broadcast occurring directly outside of my bedroom window, but this morning was a special occasion. Today was the Kansas Half Marathon, and it took place at 9th and New Hampshire (basically, my front yard). I was just stirring from a deep sleep when I heard, Good Morning, Lawrence, and welcome to the Kansas Half Marathon! Funny, I thought as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes… I didn’t know I was at the Kansas Half Marathon. Needless to say, once I realized what was going on I eagerly jumped out of bed and – not unlike a child behaves on Christmas morning – ran to my balcony where I could get a prime view of the event unfolding below. Take a looksie…

Around 7:10am... fresh face of New Hampshire Street.

Bird's eye view from my balcony.

I wish I had known about the Kansas Half Marathon a few weeks back! While I’m not an avid runner by any means, I do enjoy a 5k here and there, and would have loved to partake in this race. The half marathon began at 7:30am, the 5k at 7:45am, and they even had a Kids Fun Run (free for kids 12 and under). The registration fee ranged from $20-$40 for the 5k and $40-$65 for the half (specific price depended on early/late registration), and the proceeds went to Health Care Access Clinic.

Runners milling around before the race.

I spy... the hubs & Herbie.

Although I was a bit bummed to miss this opportunity, I was pretty thrilled to capture/experience the event from up above. I had a few good friends running the race (Rose, Jen, I’m looking at you!) so I was playing I Spy from my bird’s eye view. We watched the runners warm up, line up, and… go! After that, it was pretty quiet for the next few hours. We headed out to breakfast, and got back in time to catch the hoots and hollers surrounding the finish line. What a thrilling way to start our Sunday. Nice job to everyone who participated today!

And... they're off! See anyone you know?

The race began & ended on New Hampshire.

The beginning...

...and the end.

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