Downtown Lawrence Farmers’ Market

It’s with great pleasure that I can exclaim: This past weekend was opening day for the Downtown Lawrence Farmers’ Market! This community event has been ongoing since the late 1970s, and the season extends a whopping 31 weeks (from the second Saturday in April to the third Saturday in November). With more than 90 vendors involved, you’re guaranteed to find something that will suit your fancy. The Mister, Herbie and I headed down to meet some friends at the market around 8:30am this past Saturday. While it was a brisk morning, nothing could detract from the pure energy the community was generating at the market.

Overcast sky, buzzing market.

New sculpture since last year!

In case you haven’t been, the Farmers’ Market occupies the downtown parking lot on New Hampshire Street, between 8th and 9th. From 7am-11am each Saturday community members swarm the area to pick up fresh fruits, veggies, meats, flowers, and more. If you arrive early, you’ll hear the official opening bell at 8am! We weren’t there in time to hear it, but I hope to catch it next weekend. Upon arrival this past Saturday, the Mister noticed the sculpture adorning the entrance to the Farmers’ Market had changed. Do you remember the Downtown Sculpture Exhibition last year? There was a volcano-esq sculpture squatting just outside of the Farmers’ Market area which has since been switched out for this… fantastical propane tank(?) Curious!

Vendors for flowers, baked goods, and cheeses.

Herbie's first Farmers' Market!

Something to note: the Downtown Lawrence Farmers’ Market welcomes pups! Which, as I’ve been told by many friends, is pretty special. Since Herbie just joined our family this past January, it was a brand new experience to be a part of the pet-owner crowd at the market. Herbie had many admirers, and enjoyed meeting other pups, too. Plus, there were at least two dog treat vendors, so we picked up some homemade treats for him.

Beyond dog treats and your basic produce, fruits, flowers, etc., this market also offers meats, eggs, honey, jellies, and soaps! It’s really quite the spectacle. The Mister and I had recently been discussing picking up some savory sausages, and to my delight, the vendor Homestead Ranch was selling freshly frozen meats. We picked up some pork sausage at $6.50/lb. I look forward to cooking it up this week!

Meat vendor Homestead Ranch.

Lively music at every bend.

Dramatic sky vs. chill crowd.

Organic breakfast by The Blissful Bite truck!

Overall, the Downtown Lawrence Farmers’ Market is a beautiful extension of Lawrence’s wholesome community. The products for sale are all locally grown and/or made, and it’s a rich way to support the local community. See you next week, Lawrence.

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