Off-Mass: Smithfield, NYC

I’m happy to report we headed to New York for Easter weekend this year. It was the perfect excuse to visit loved ones, eat some good eats, and have a little celebration. That being said, it’s not always easy to find a restaurant in NYC that will accommodate a large group (remember this post? – for reference), especially on a holiday such as Easter Sunday. Luckily, a very dear friend of mine took care of all the logistics and we found ourselves at Smithfield in Midtown West this past Sunday. We had a 2:15pm reservation for a group of 23!

It appears to be your basic NYC sports bar...

Squeezed in the middle of Midtown West.

From the outside, Smithfield appears to be your basic dark sports bar. The interior, too, is dark and buzzing with the electric glow of multiple TVs at every angle. However, we were set to dine on the second floor of the building (still Smithfields), which was surprisingly quiet, spacious and light-filled. It was perfect.

Besides available capacity, another perk of dining here was the brunch deal they agreed on for our large group. We were locked in for a prefix brunch that included a three course meal and three beverages for $30 flat. Quite the deal, I tell ya. Especially after we tasted the succulent drinks (your choice of a Bloody Mary, Bellini, Mimosa, or Prosecco), and enjoyed the savory entrees. The appetizer was a salad and fresh rolls (with super soft butter and sweet jam), the main dish was your choice of hamburger, scrambled eggs, french toast, or a specialty polenta dish. To finish, all were treated to chocolate cake and whipped cream. Not only was the food great, but the presentation was beautifully done.


Scrambled eggs!

French toast!

Chocolate cake!

So there you have it! From 2:15pm to about 5pm we wined and dined. We enjoyed the precious company, shared some great laughs, and toasted to life’s happy moments. It was our own private party, and the service was excellent. I hope you enjoyed this Off-Mass post. See ya next week!

Brunching action in a great space.

Happy friends and retro wallpaper.

XO to my New Yorkers.

Find Smithfield at: 215 West 28th Street, New York NY 10001.[212.564.2172]

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