Lucky Paws Bakery

Any dog lovers out there? Lucky for you there’s a special place in downtown Lawrence prepared to tend to your pup’s every need. Lucky Paws Bakery & Unique BARKtique is a fancy little pup shop that is located next to these guys on 7th and Mass. While specializing in healthy, high-quality dog treats that are made with local ingredients, this boutique also offers doggie accessories and spectacular artwork. Since we recently became dog owners ourselves (we welcomed Herbie, a miniature dachshund, into our family in early January!) we were eager to experience Lucky Paws. We decided to bop in on a whim this afternoon and had such a delightful time browsing, chatting with fellow pet lovers, and watching our little guy run laps around the store’s CEO (Chief Eating Officer), Shakti!

"An Eclectic Place for DOGS and the People Who Love Them..."

Herbie, a mini dachshund, and the newest member of the Mass family.

The shop itself is so vibrant and welcoming, much of which seems to radiate from the owner – Raven Rajani – and her pit bull pup, Shakti. They’re both quick to greet visitors and stir up conversation. Of course, Herbie kept us on our toes during most of the visit; it was hilarious to see him flirt with Shakti! He was quite the little spitfire, jumping on Shakti, running laps around her, etc. What a loon. In any case, we picked up a few fresh treats during our visit. There are pre-made bags available to buy if you’re interested in sticking to one particular flavor, but since we weren’t previously familiar with any of the treats, we decided to create a variety bag from the cute trash bins along the eastern wall. In the end, we made a mixed bag of: beef, venison, cheese monger, and peanut butter. MMMMMmmmmm. (They even smell super tasty to me!)

COLORS! And fantastic artwork.

Shakti and Herbie being very good pups.

Talk about pup culture!

Trash can treats. Yum yum.

Treats are $13/lb, and our goody bag included 24 treats which came to a little under $10. That’s a heck of a deal when you consider that these treats were hand mixed, cut and baked! And also, they’re chock-full of healthy goodness for your furry friend. When we came home, we shared a venison treat with Herbie and he was ecstatic. He tends to pounce on his treats when he’s super excited, and so he predictably did his dance around this new treasure, then it was belly-to-the-floor and he was seriously chowing down. I think he gives ‘em two paws up. Thank you Raven and Shakti for a fun visit today!

Doggy bag full of homemade goodness.

These treats are Herbie approved!

Lucky Dog Bakery is open Fri 12-5; Sat 10-5; Sun 1-5.

Find Lucky Dog Bakery at: 4 East 7th Street, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.979.7937]

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  1. Cliff says:

    Stopped by Lucky Paws twice, closed both times. no hours listed on door. called once, no answer. tweeted asking for hours, no response. Had to come here to find the hours. At least I got to see this totally cool blog! This Jess person seems pretty darn cool!

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