Snow Days

The snowstorm was the big event of this past week, so it’s only fitting that I review the scene for those of you living under rocks or across country. We were aware of the impending snowstorm all week long which spurred many to hit the grocery store (slash liquor store, lets be honest) and buckle down for some serious weather. And serious it was; KU canceled class and closed campus for both Thursday and Friday – a rare phenomenon, indeed. But as you can see from the photos I’ve posted here, the circumstances warranted cautious measures. During the early morning hours on Thursday, snow was falling at a rate of two inches per hour, and ultimately, we received about 12 inches across Lawrence (according to the Lawrence Journal World). We even experienced THUNDERSNOW in the early morning (did you hear it?!), which was wild. The photo above and the two below were taken around 7:30am on Thursday morning when the snow was barreling in.

9th and Mass St, looking north.

The Mister and the pup at 9th and Mass.

As the morning hours passed, the weather lightened significantly. By midday the snow had let up, but returned in the afternoon. We made the trek out morning, midday, and evening, to get the pup out for some fresh air (more about the pup in next week’s post… he’s our new addition!) and to break up the day. There weren’t too many people out, but we did see quite a few vehicles trying their best to navigate The Mass. And of course, we saw many a car stuck and many a pickup/SUV on a power trip.

By midday we had 8-10 inches.

A Caddy stuck in front of Weavers.

To our surprise, at 5pm on Thursday KU announced that classes and campus would be closed again on Friday. Fortunately, we didn’t receive any more snow Friday, but the piles, slush and ice from Thursday’s mess would take a few days to clean up (they brought out front loaders to move the snow piles!). I’m sure many were happy to see the sun come out Saturday and Sunday, but we can’t get too comfortable; we have yet another winter storm warning set for Monday at 6am through Tuesday noon, and should expect approximately 10-12 inches. (I thought Groundhog Day passed… did I miss something?) In the meantime, stay warm, stay safe, and toast to warmer days!

A powdered sugar Mass St by Thursday evening.

No one warned blue-car guy, did they...

Sun + five foot mini mountains for Friday. We'll take it.

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