So guess what? There’s a new guy in town serving up Indian food! (About time, am’Iright?) Chutney’s opened last week, and a few colleagues and I headed down to Mass over the noon hour to see what this place is all about.

Showing off its fresh face to Mass St.

Bright colors inside & bar space upfront.

Upon first entering Chutney’s you’ll notice the relaxed atmosphere and “fast-casual” dining. There’s a large bar upfront which looks like a cozy spot to squat if you’re dining out but interested in catching a game at the same time (a couple mounted TVs are prepared for such an occasion). However, there are plenty of tables available (I’d guess they’re prepared to seat around 50 people) throughout the restaurant. You’ll order at the counter – passing all the mouth-watering food options before arriving at the cashier – and then find an empty table to sit down and dig in.

Fast-casual dining at its finest.

Mouth-watering options guide your way.

I ordered the palak lamb, since my colleagues had decided on the chicken tikka masala and the dal. Each dish included rice and 1/2 naan, which really did make for a complete meal. I stuck with water as a drink, which made my total come to $10.88 (not bad for quick dining and decent portion sizes). Also, you get to choose two complementary chutneys for your naan. Options include: mango, tamarind, cilantro, yogurt, and killa. Between the three of us, I think we tried all of the chunteys; the perks of dining out with others!

On this particular day – two days after its official opening – Chutney’s was busy! So there were no tables available upfront. Fortunately, there’s a back section to the restaurant, although it’s not as bright and open as the front area. However, when you have hot Indian food calling your name, where you sit doesn’t matter as much as how quickly you can begin eating. We got cozy at a table in the back and started chowing down.

Naan, rice, and palak lamb (half-eaten... sorry!).

Menu. (Eeny, meeny, miny, mo...)

The food was really good. Like, I’m-eating-too-much-but-I-just-can’t-stop good. Keep in mind, the lamb and chicken dishes were a bit on the spicy side (and I’m a fan of spice, I’ll tell ya that much), so if you’re not one for spice, I’d advise you choose different options. Otherwise, the meat was tender – not chewy – and the flavor was incredible. Another important thing to note: you can get your food to go! So. Awesome. Am I alone in thinking we need more of this in Lawrence?

Overall, I say Chutney’s is a pleasant addition to Mass St. I had a great experience, and hope to return soon for some super tasty Indian food. Have you been? What did you think? As always, I welcome your comments.

Find Chutney’s at: 918 Massachusetts St, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.856.6060]

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