One Year of Mrs. Mass

One year! And what a treat it has been. I’ve been singing Happy Birthday all weekend long (not really… but how would you ever know anyway?), but I’d also like to take a look back at what this last year of Mrs. Mass has looked like. Here we go…

First Post: Dr. Dog at The Granada.

Taste of heaven at 715 (every. time.).

Miss this place? I sure do.

South Park for Art in the Park.

My first post captured The Granada when Dr. Dog came to town (along with my brother!) last February. It was a fantastic way to kick off Mrs. Mass, and good things were ahead, indeed. One of them being 715, one of my favorite restaurants in town. Their mixed drinks are exotic, and the food, undeniable. 715′s fresh interior makes it the hot spot for dining in the evening, but as for the first meal of the day, who could beat Milton’s? Their french toast was unmatched, and while its exit has offered some reprieve (do you agree?), it hit a nerve in all of us when its doors closed for good. Luckily, Lawrence has plenty of events year ’round to keep us slightly distracted from these minor heartbreaks. One of these events is Art in the Park, which is so lovely it’s like a therapy session. And since it takes place in May, it makes for an easy transition to the gentle Lawrencian summer.

Oh yeah, and that...

Foxtrot love (shooooes).

Final Fridays!

Wink Eyewear for specs.

There have also been a few moments where I’ve provided a glimpse into downtown living. In a college town like Lawrence, apartment living can be challenging! But, we’ve since found a better location and have had no complaints. It helps being less than a block from Foxtrot, too. Happy feet make for happy living and Foxtrot is all about the happiness. Their display windows are also one of my favorites in town. Speaking of display windows, Lawrence’s Final Fridays is a great excuse to walk The Mass and glimpse into the store fronts, or step in to see some art. The yellow flags outside of various business guide you to art exhibitions, performances, and demonstrations. As many of you know Lawrence celebrates Final Fridays since Kansas City has First¬†Fridays, which is something Wink Eyewear participates in and represents Lawrence beautifully. Wink’s curious shapes and rad colors make them an ideal spot to shop for frames. While I’m still super cozy in my current specs, I’ve scouted some dreamy styles at Wink and hope to return in the not-so-distant future.

Buskers. Need I say more?

A little tat action at BDC.

St. John's Oktoberfest, of course.

Books (& cats) at The Raven.

Were you here for the Busker Festival in August? It was quite the SHOW! Contortionists, unicyclists, jugglers, etc. all playing on the streets of downtown Lawrence. It was easy to walk from one wild event to the next, and the festival lasted all weekend long. I had a little unconventional fun myself in September when I stopped into BDC Tattoo and shared my experience with you all. It wasn’t my first tattoo, but it was easily my best experience in a tattoo parlor. And I gave it four stars (har har har)! Another four star event was the St. John’s Oktoberfest, of course. They served¬†Oktoberfest, Dunkel, and Pilsner pints, all of which came in a decorative mug which the mister designed, himself! I was so proud, and between the German music, dancing, and food, we were having ball. Now if you’re not so into the loud and expressive happenings around Lawrence, get yourself over to The Raven Book Store, where the ambiance is so gentle the cats (Dashiell and Ngaio) are usually sleepin’ on the job. The Raven is definitely the prettiest bookstore in town, but I guess we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, are we?

Overall, this past year has been incredibly eventful, and so rewarding because I could share the fun with YOU. 2012 was made up of 13 visits to businesses, 6 posts covering local services, 11 experiences dining out to restaurants, and 13 happenin’ events. I also shared 7 news-worthy posts, making a combine total of 50 features over the past year. 50! All I can say is, here’s to 50 more posts, Mass Street! And thank you for sharing in these experiences with me; it has been a valuable adventure to bring Mrs. Mass to you all. I only hope you enjoy seeing the truly superb hot-spots that constitute the lovely Massachusetts Street here in downtown Lawrence, Kansas. Please continue to share feedback, write me with ideas, and correct me when I get information wrong (oops)! Remember, SHOP LOCAL, and hey, I’ll see you on Mass!

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  1. Caroline says:

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Mass! Such wonderful posts this past year. Thank you for your dedication in opening the world up to Mass street!