My parents were in town this past weekend, and my mom and I spent some time shopping Mass. We hit up some of the regulars (see here, here, and here) but we also stopped in one of the more curious retail shops in downtown Lawrence: Nomads. Nomads carries clothing, shoes, bags, luggage, travel accessories, and jewelry from around the world, and the style is travel chic. The layers, styles, colors, and patterns are often simplistically strong, which make them fantastic pieces to top-off an outfit.

Lovely storefront and welcoming display windows.

The interior of the store alone inspires a desire to travel!

You might be surprised to hear that this store started not as a retail shop, but as a travel agency named Magic Carpet Traveler Inc. that arranged off the beaten path tours. They soon began selling luggage, travel accessories, shoes, jewelry and clothing from all over the world, and a few years later, changed the name of their store to Nomads. You might also notice that when you visit their website it automatically directs you to a website for Zuzu Apparel. This is because the owners of Nomads also started the Zuzu Apparel brand after a backpacking trip to Peru. The quality and textures the owners came across in the Alpaca sweaters from Peru inspired the creation of Zuzu Apparel. This brand is manufactured in Turkey and Peru, and is sold in Nomads as well as over 100 other stores nation wide! Nomads carries Zuzu Apparel along with other brands from across the world.

Nomads is full of creative styles and thoughtful designs.

Artys twists of the vagabond lifestyle scattered across the store.

Changing rooms in the back.

A beautiful store, indeed.

With a rich history in travel, it’s no wonder the pieces Nomads boasts are truly unmatched. My mom and I had a ball sifting through the racks of deep hues and thoughtful design; not to mention the quality of fabrics and patterns is remarkable. We also had fun playing at the jewelry counter as we checked out. We walked away with beautiful mother/daughter rings, made from the stone called labradorite. Its smokey depth reminds me of the ocean (maybe I’m just dreaming of warmer weather…), and the stone itself supposedly inspires intuition and creativity. The ring was about $68 (mom’s gift); thank you, mom! It was a fun purchase, and I feel lucky that our little town of Lawrence has such exquisite boutiques like Nomads to keep us thinking ahead.

Labradorite ring in all of its smokey charm.

Nomads is open Mon-Wed 10-5:30; Thurs 10-7; Fri-Sat 10-6; Sun noon-5.

Find Nomads at: 725 Massachusetts St, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.856.0240]

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  1. Niveen says:

    I always enjoy reading ur blogs. I like how you describe things that you find interesting. I have been to Nomads last year and I bought a dress from Turkey. After I read your blog I felt exited to go there again and look for something interesting. Maybe we can go together.