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I’m usually up for trying something new, especially when it involves relaxing and cultivating wellness. So when Ad Astra Acupuncture invited* me to experience acupuncture with them, I was thrilled! Ad Astra Acupuncture is one of many community acupuncture clinics that is a member of the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA). POCA’s mission is “to work cooperatively to increase accessibility to and availability of affordable group acupuncture treatments.” As you can imagine, this makes Ad Astra Acupuncture a very comfortable, welcoming place. Ad Astra accepts walk-ins and appointments, so this past Thursday I made a 6:30pm appointment for my first ever acupuncture experience.

Located near South Park, next to Fuzzy's Tacos.

The interior is vibrant and cozy.

I arrived on time for my 6:30pm appointment. Since it was my first visit I was informed of what to expect and had to complete a few forms** before the treatment. The forms were similar to forms you would complete at a doctors office (albeit shorter and not packed full of insurance details); questions focus on any health problems you might have, and Do you have trouble sleeping? and Do you have trouble digesting your food? These are the kinds of issues acupuncture may be able to mediate.

Once I had completed the forms, I was allowed to choose one of two rooms to enter and find an available seat. Ad Astra Acupuncture was pretty busy on this particular night; if I remember correctly, their arrangement is set to serve approximately 9 people at one time (four in the front room, five in the back room), but only one seat was vacant when I arrived on this night. I walked in to the back room (room 2) and took a seat. After removing my purse, coat, shoes, and socks and placing them in the basket next to my chair, I pulled up my pant legs and sleeves, and waited for Nick to start my treatment.

While waiting, I took in the calm environment. Gentle music played softly in the dimly lit room, and the others sharing space with me were all reclined – eyes closed – possibly sleeping. It is a safe space; all troubles were left at the door and time slowed down to allow you to find your center.

Needles in my legs and feet!

The space is incredibly warm and calming.

After a few minutes, Nick quietly pulled up a seat next to me, and began to whisper a “welcome.” He then briefly reviewed the process of acupuncture and handed me a small device (similar to a doorbell) and told me to press it once I felt “done,” at which time Nick would return and remove the pins. He then began inserting the needles into my forearms, hands, legs, and feet. In that moment, a flood of energy circulated through my body; it was such a fascinating sensation! I felt a heightened sense of touch but simultaneously felt slightly sedated. My body soon felt heavy and I could have easily slipped into sleep, but wanted to stay aware of this experience my body was having. I had been told that individuals are welcome to stay as long as need be; some people are “cooked” after 15 minutes, others fall asleep and stay for about 2 hours. I didn’t want to rush the process, but realized my body seemed to have completed this experience after about 30 minutes.

I pressed the button, and within no time Nick returned. How was it? he asked. I had trouble finding the words to explain my experience, but smiled and admitted it was sensational. Once all of the needles were removed (I had about 15 total scattered on my arms and legs), I took my time composing myself and quietly gathered my things (as to not disrupt anyone else’s process) to leave.

Front room (room 1), facing South Park.

Room 1, looking toward lobby and entrance.

Since acupuncture is a process, multiple visits are encouraged so to create momentum in the healing process. It’s important to note that acupuncture is a tool for improving health but should not replace doctor visits. My visit didn’t entail a particular ailment – just genuine interest and faith in the self-regulation of the body – therefore, I don’t have my next treatment planned at the moment, but would like to return sometime this week. Ad Astra Acupuncture offer treatments on a sliding scale of $15-$35 – you decide what you can afford per treatment. This makes it fairly affordable for anyone, which is such a treat.

I enjoyed this experience so much, and would like to thank the team at Ad Astra Acupuncture (Nick, Rachel, and Aly) for inviting me to receive an acupuncture treatment. It is a soothing experience that reminded my body and mind to slow down and invest in self. I hope to return soon, and encourage you all to support this wonderful local clinic, too!

*Ad Astra Acupuncture contacted me and invited me to experience a free treatment. Post and commentary is my own.

**Paperwork can be completed ahead of time. Find PDF here, in orange box on the lefthand side of the page. (I should have done this to speed things up!)

Ad Astra Acupuncture is open Mon & Thurs 2-7; Tues & Wed 9-7; Fri-Sun 9-2.

Find Ad Astra Acupuncture at: 106 W North Park St, Lawrence Kansas 66044. [785.760.1961]

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