Kansas Sampler

With so many popular local sport teams – KU basketball, Kansas City Chiefs football, Kansas City Royals baseball, etc. – a place like Lawrence has big demands when it comes to appropriate sports fans attire. While there are plenty of stores that stock KU gear, some of the particular clothing styles, and variety in other teams, is often lacking. Thank goodness for places like Kansas Sampler that have sports gear you never even knew you needed.

An inflatable Jayhawk is eager to welcome you inside Kansas Sampler.

Hats. Just one example of the extreme variety in products found here.

The Kansas Sampler opened in 1989, and is family owned and operated. This company has experienced great success in selling professional and collegiate apparel, and since its beginning it has expanded into Texas and Missouri, too. Kansas Sampler now operates under the bigger name of Rally House, and this regional chain now has 19 stores (and counting). This is great news for shoppers; if you visit the store and find they’re out of the t-shirt size you need, there’s a chance they can ship it in from another local store. Phew!

The north wall hosts an impressive variety of K.C. Chiefs gear.

The south wall is lined with KU gear (and jerseys, nice)!

As for the products this store stocks, the name says it all. It’s quite the buffet! There are areas around the store dedicated to KU, K State, Chiefs  Royals, Sporting K.C., and even popular Kansas themes (sunflowers, The Wizard of Oz, BBQ sauce, etc.). Of course, the majority of the store is occupied by KU gear: jerseys, kids clothes, Jayhawk costumes, outerwear, dresses, zip-ups, and so on and so forth. It’s seemingly never ending, which makes this specialty store a great stop if you’re buying for someone who has specific demands about his/her sportswear. For example, my husband likes his t-shirs/zip-ups fairly simple (without a lot of hubub). At Kansas Sampler, they have simple. They also have wow-that’s-a-lot-of-hubub, too, so you’re safe either way.

Bringing in the kiddos? There's a spot for them here, too.

A few samples we picked up for our beloved New Yorkers.

The last time we were in Kansas Sampler we picked up some great gifts to bring to our loved ones in New York on our next visit. As you can see above, these gifts were fairly basic, but had just enough Kansas in them to share the love. Next time you’re on the hunt for some serious sportswear, consider this hot spot since it will likely carry anything you can imagine!

The Kansas Sampler is open Mon-Fri 10-9; Sat 9-9; Sun 11-6.

Find Kansas Sampler at: 921 Massachusetts St, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.841.1300]

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