The Toy Store

‘Tis the season, am I right? While I’m slightly ashamed to admit I had not previously stepped foot into The Toy Store before this past weekend, its window displays have had my heart since I moved to Lawrence 1.5 yrs ago. The movement, color and blissful youth The Toy Store‘s windows capture so purely have stopped me mid-step while strolling down Mass. I should not be so surprised to have been equally astonished with the interior decor once I finally entered this magical fantasy land. The Toy Store is a ten year old’s (and probably my husband’s) dream come true.

North window display...

...the south window display.

We stopped in this past Saturday to complete a little Christmas shopping for our two nieces. While we were interested in looking at toy instruments, we were prepared to be flexible. Having no knowledge of what The Toy Store would offer, I was slightly concerned that there would be a fairly limited selection of children’s instruments available. To my delight, there was not only a great selection of instruments, but an entire aisle dedicated to children’s music/musical instruments! How cool.

Music! (And how about that checkered ceiling?)

Aisle shelves are shortened for target demographic.

Beyond music, The Toy Store has an abundant selection of Legos, stuffed animals, books, pink princess outfits, and an entire wall dedicated to Jelly Belly jelly beans (to name a few of the impressive specialty categories)! We had so much fun checking out the store. We even ran into a few childhood favorites that were pretty exciting to see again (like these).

What's a toy store without loads of sugar?

Stuffed animals! "IT'S SO FLUFFY!!"

The main floor of The Toy Store seems large enough to hold anything and everything a worthwhile toy store should carry, however, the basement is also packed full of fun. The lower level can be accessed in the front or back of the store, and it offers books, science, and art. There’s also a help desk located in the basement, in case you’re looking for a specific book or need some assistance in searching various genres. While browsing, we came across one of Mr. Mass’ favorites, which we picked up for our new Godson Dominic.

Even the staircase is colorful and thrilling. Seriously.

Childrens' books, books for young adults, etc. etc. etc.

Gift bagging available at checkout.

The Toy Store on downtown Mass St.

During the hour or so that we were playing in the store, we were approached at least three times by friendly employees offering assistance in finding any specialty items. Not only was their help much appreciated, but their happy attitudes (and Christmas tree hats!) were heart-warming. Overall, this was such a fun visit. If you’re in need of any toys this holiday season, consider The Toy Store as it not only has an extensive selection of gifts, but it’s a delight to experience as well. They will even gift bag your items if need be! Happy Holidays.

The Toy Store is open (Holiday Hours-) Mon-Sat 10-8; Sun 10-8.

Find The Toy Store at: 936 Massachusetts St, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.331.3218]

One Response to “The Toy Store”

  1. Amanda says:

    Local toy stores are the BEST! There is one here in Salina that we love.

    The kiddos love their new book, by the way. Noah thinks it is hilarious that the chicken couldn’t stop talking at the end :)