Van Go Adornment Sale

Now that the holiday season is upon us we’re all on the hunt for the perfect holiday gifts. While there are certain gifts you may have in mind for particular loved ones, there are always those friends or family members that seem to have everything. Sheesh! Special holiday sales, such as the Adornment Sale, can easily remedy this problem.

The Adornment Sale will be happening through December.

Deck the halls! It's like a holiday wonderland at Van Go.

In keeping with Van Go’s mission – to improve the lives of high-needs youth using art as the vehicle for self-expression, self-confidence, and hope for the future – at-risk youth have exercised their artwork skills over the past two months to prepare the exquisite selection of colorful gifts for purchase. Their careful efforts were recognized during the Adornment event, an annual public recognition ceremony and art show, which took place on November 24th. Since then, the gallery has been open each and every day, and will continue to serve the shoppers of Lawrence until December 23rd. Items at the Adornment Sale include fashion pins, glass night lights, ornaments, jewelry, colorful notebooks, holiday greeting cards, wine stoppers, candlestick holders, etc!

Beautiful displays with remarkable, handmade items.

Smitten with these glass fashion pins. All sizes and colors.

If you remember this post, you know that the space Van Go offers is breathtaking; but when it’s decked out for an event or the holidays it will really have you gawking. As I strolled around the space today I caught myself muttering surprised expressions, Ohmygoodness… and I just love it… I was obviously enjoying this experience. I couldn’t help myself! With the holiday music playing in the background, and the lights strung up across the ceiling, I was instantly hit with holiday cheer.

The holiday cards are bite-sized pieces of artwork, worthy of framing.

Perfect way to support a local cause and complete some holiday shopping!

While prices varied across items, everything was extremely reasonably priced (especially for the unique characteristics of the items). I can give you a little bit of an idea of what to expect: greeting cards are set at $6.50; fashion pins are set at $10.00; ornaments were $12.00. Since no two items are exactly alike, there is much more to appreciate in the detail and construction of each precious gift.

Consider swinging by the Van Go Adornment Sale this holiday season, especially since it’s open each and every day until late December. And as for (insert relative/friend/loved one’s name) who has everything, I’m sure he/she doesn’t have a one-of-a-kind fused glass night light for the kitchen, or a chic artsy notebook for spontaneous moments of inspiration. Right? After all, it’s the love-filled, support-a-local-cause thought that matters. Happy holiday shopping, Lawrence! Oh, and all proceeds to the Adornment Sale benefit Van Go, the local arts-based social service agency!


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