Off-Mass: Images Salon & Day Spa

The last time I posted about a salon was quite a while ago (remember this?). Since it had been about eight months since I’ve given my hair any love, I decided it was high time to step back into a salon. Luckily, a friend of mine had recently visited Images and gave me a great referral (benefits her and me; $20 off our visit). (Thanks, Rose!)

Images in its autumn glory.

Colorful entryway of products.

Since Images is closed on Sundays and Mondays (FYI), I gave a call last Tuesday, crossing my fingers for a Saturday appointment. I was in luck, and in the books for 10:30am this past weekend. Images is on 9th Street, near Louisiana Street; it’s a quick 10 minute walk from The Mass. While I’ve walked past this building often, I had never realized it was a salon. The exterior of the building strikes me as just another office space, but the interior setup is quite fitting. The spacious entryway is decorated with colorful bottles of product, track lighting for dramatic effect, and full of natural light from the surrounding windows. It’s a comfortable space to grab a magazine and ease into the zen before getting pampered.

Take a seat, relax, and prepare to pamper yourself.

Spacious entry upfront, semi-private salon stations in back.

My appointment was with Amber, and she took great care of me. I was ready for (almost) anything, but was mostly interested in chopping off most of my length. I’m always so inspired to be in a salon, thinking should I do a wave? a little color? bangs?? but usually rely on the sanity of my hairdresser to provide sound guidance. Amber helped me take baby steps away from any truly rash decisions – you could always come back in a few days for a wave? – and we settled on taking approximately 7 inches off. Chop chop!

A few things to note about this salon: I especially appreciated that each station had its own sink! That is somewhat uncommon in my salon-going experience. It was quite the luxury to spin around and lie back to meet the sink instead of traipsing across the salon, only to traipse back (with the wet hair look, no less) after the wash five minutes later. High five for sinks at stations. Also, most stations at salons have a decent half-mirror for you to gape at yourself while getting styled, but Images had a full-length mirror to appreciate while being worked on. Not that the bottom half is necessary, but it was a little cool to see the five inch clumps of hair fall from my head to the floor. Face the fear, right?

Before, long locks...

...After, short and sassy.

The time flew by, and before I knew it, my head felt lighter. With a quick blow dry and style, I was set to rock and roll before the clock hit noon. My hair cut was originally $36, but with my $20 referral, I was down to a humble $16 bill ($24 after tip – always tip based on original price!). It was a haircut worth waiting eight months for, but hopefully next time won’t be such an overdue visit.

If you’re interested in pampering of other sorts, Images also offers nail services, body repair, skin repair, hair removal, and rock-star packages (such as the Images Stimulus Package: haircut, brow wax, manicure, and 30 minute massage wrapped in a $99 deal… did you hear that, husband??). So go on in and find yourself some pampering!

Find Images Salon & Day Spa at: 511 W. 9h Street, Lawrence KS 66046. [785.843.2138]

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