The Raven Book Store

A cozy book store is clutch for any college town, and yet, they are often hard to come by in this day and age. Lawrence is lucky in that it has a few great book stores downtown, The Raven being one of them.

Great signage out front on 7th St.

Books up, down, and all around.

The Raven is tucked between Mass and New Hampshire, on 7th street, but it’s hard to miss thanks to its great signage out front. Originally selling only mystery novels, The Raven now carries a variety of books ranging from fiction top-sellers to non-fiction, to travel books, to children’s books, etc. While the interior space itself is somewhat limited, books of all shapes and sizes line the walls like wallpaper. It’s a true gem of a store, totally dedicated to the art of getting lost in fantasy. And like any other favorite places, it houses two totally adorable kitty cats: Dashiell and Ngaio (pronounced Neo). I was told both cats were named after famous mystery writers. Classic!

The decor is spot-on.

Snoozin' on the job. Figures.

One of the special characteristics of this local book store is that staff members have flagged different books throughout the shop to share their personal reviews with shoppers (as you can see – yellow tags on the bookshelves – in the photos). This is especially helpful if you’re like me – appreciative of outside suggestions and reflection. The hubs and I stopped in just this afternoon, and while we both had no specific titles or authors in mind when we stepped in, we each left with new reads. This was with great thanks to staff member Caitlin who wrote a short and sweet review of J.D. Salinger’s Franny and Zooey. I was sold.

Children's section. Quite busy today.

Postcards, greeting cards, and new releases.

The Raven just celebrated 25 years in Lawrence, which is pretty exciting. Beyond offering countless top-sellers and local favorites to Lawrencians over the past years, it also hosts some fun, live readings each month and has a fantastic website full of other goodies and information. I hope you find time to stop in and support this great local business. Oh, and I’m sure Dashiell and Ngaio would be happy to see you, too.

The Raven Book Store is open Mon-Sat 10-8; Sun 1-5.

Find The Raven Book Store at: 6 East 7th Street, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.749.3300]

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