Prairie Pond Studio & Bead Co.

When you’re out shopping the town, nothing compares to a really great find. Cost and quality are close calls, but a unique, one-of-a-kind piece? It can stop you dead in your shop-till-you-drop tracks. That’s where stores like Prairie Pond Studio & Bead Co. come in.

Prairie Pond Studio & Bead Co. carries women’s clothing, handbags, jewelry and shoes. Every piece in the store is unique in some way, whether it be the material the piece is made from, the style it boasts, the colors it combines, etc. My mom and I stopped in the sweet boutique last weekend, with only 30 minutes to spare. While 30 minutes would usually afford me plenty of time to browse, we found ourselves pulling each other out of the store; it’s difficult to leave the cozy, relaxing interior full of eye-catching products!

Loving the big windows, teal frame, and store-front sign.

Vibrant interior, carefully decorated for a shopper's delight.

The store is owned by a young woman named April, and she was working, along with her mother, the day we visited. These two women were so helpful while we shopped, pointing out the intricacies of the fabrics, and telling the stories of each product’s creation. Many of the pieces here are hand-made, and while they rock a comfy/cozy feel, they can be dressed up or down. It was delightful to admire a jacket or skirt, and to then hear its life story – where it came from, how it was made. For example, we learned that some of the pieces we looked at were first stained with mud (!) and once the mud dried, they were painted over and further developed. Who would’ve thought to use mud as a coloring/staining agent?! I probably could have spent 30 minutes more in the store, for story time alone. It’s a good thing they don’t sell cookies and coffee in there… I probably would have never left.

"Mom and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"

Bags, skulls, and sandals, oh my!

The jewelry, too, is hand-made. In fact, April was working on a few pieces when we stopped in. I also noticed the beautiful bags hanging in the front window, as well as back by the changing rooms. I’m pretty sure I was slightly overwhelmed (can you tell?); the colors and items were all demanding my attention, and I couldn’t soak it up fast enough.

In the end, we left 10 minutes late and with two bags in tow. Mom made off with a spectacular wrap, similar to the detail and color of the one pictured above. I found a lovely wool skirt – the style and color are like nothing I have ever seen. My skirt was $60, on sale ($65.31 after tax). I’m already looking forward to styling it with different tops and coats through the winter months. The best part is, I know I won’t see everyone else wearing it around town. Happy shopping, Lawrence!

Hand-made pieces. Earth tones and naturally beautiful.

The natural light feeds into the soothing atmosphere of the shop.

Prairie Pond Studio & Bead Co. is open Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat 10:30-5; Thurs 10:30-6; Sun noon-5.

Find Prairie Pond Studio & Bead Co. at: 11 W. 9th Street, Lawrence Kansas 66044. [785.830.9132]

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