St. John’s Oktoberfest

If you saw any of my tweets from this past Saturday, then it’s no surprise to you that I was celebrating St. John’s 18th Annual Okotberfest. The event took place this past Saturday, in conjunction with the first weekend of the traditional German Oktoberfest. And of course, there would be no cause for celebration if there weren’t also authentic food, music, and beer!

The calm before the festivities.

The St. John's 2012 Oktoberfest Logo.

The event took place, per usual, in the St. John’s parking lot at 1234 Kentucky Street. Sitting proudly atop St. John’s yellow-striped asphalt was a large white circus-esq tent, boasting dozens of tables ready to seat hundreds of Oktoberfest partiers. A sturdy stage engulfed the middle-section of the tent, prepared to tolerate the kicks and stomps of many a German band member later on in the evening. All of this was tied together with pumpkins, Bavarian flags, and hay bales found in every pocket of the outdoor event space. It was all buzzing with a happy autumn warmth.

The event itself was schedule to start at 4pm and end around 10pm. However, individuals interested in purchasing a beer stein (heyhey!) were welcome to come by at 2pm to make their purchase. Less than 200 mugs were purchased this year (the number is an estimate based on how many sold the year before), and since the Mister Mass was the designer behind the logo, we planned to arrive early and pick up our mugs. For the slim price of $10, a mug – liquid goodness included – was yours. Refills were $3.50 all night.

Interested to know the story behind the design? In the upper-left quadrant, you’ll see the symbol of Munich. The lower-right corner hosts a Bavarian bear. The other two quadrants are decorated with the famous Bavarian lozenge flag. And of course, the eagle at the top represents the emblem of St. John. (If you want the longer, more detailed version of the design, throw me an email; the Mister will elaborate happily…)

The early bird catches the beer stein.

This was a serious cookout right here.

Good thing they ordered 25 kegs!

Quite the turn out.

By 4:30, the event was a-hoppin’! The music was on, the people were dancing, and the tables were bursting at the seams. While hot food could be purchased in the church basement – including wienerschnitzels, bierocks, bratwursts, cabbage rolls, hot dogs, sauerkraut, German potato salad, and spaetzle – desserts were served outside (homemade by paritioners) as well as cotton candy ($1)! Something for everyone, indeed. I was also told 25 kegs of beer had been ordered to satisfy beer drinkers of all varieties (including Oktoberfest, Dunkel, and Pilsner pints).

We had quite the time enjoying everyone’s company and soaking in the crisp fall evening. Full of bratwurst, potato salad, and Oktoberfest, we made our way home around 7pm, feeling more German than ever. Until next year, prost!

Grab your dancin' partner...

The center of the excitement.

Logo designer extraordinaire, Mr. Mass.

Fun for all, big and small.

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