BDC Tattoo

Squeezed between The Toy Store and Wild Territory (two kid-friendly shops on Mass. St.) is BDC Tattoo, for all your piercing and permanent needs. As far as I know, it’s the only tattoo/piercing parlor on downtown Mass, and definitely reaps the benefits in that regard. We stopped by the shop in early August, wanting to schedule a tattoo appointment for a Saturday. They marked us in the books for three weeks later (!) which was this past Saturday, from 12:30-3:30. Needless to say, while they accept walk-ins (Saturdays only), you may be better off making an appointment, especially if you’re interested in a larger tattoo design.

Space to chill before gettin' inked up.

Each artist has his/her private space.

I was told that BDC has three tattoo artists at the moment. Since we weren’t previously familiar with BDC’s work we didn’t specify any particular artist we wanted to work with, and were tattooed by Brent. Brent has over 20 years of experience (and over 20 trophies in his studio space to show for his work!), and we felt very comfortable with him.

While we waited for Brent to draw up our designs, we relaxed on the leather couches and looked through some of the design photos they have available on their coffee table. They also have font styles, Japanese symbols, and more that you can peak at for inspiration. If that doesn’t do it for you, the space itself is quite fascinating. The red walls are intense (seemingly appropriate) and the artwork hung around the space is quirky, through-provoking, and generally captivating. I was also happy to find the parlor was a wee bit cool; it seemed clean and well prepared for nervous customers experiencing a little last-minute heat.

Photo books for inspiration.

The sample fonts were awfully tempting.

Once Brent was setup, we decided the hubs would go first. His design was a bit larger than mine, and would take a bit longer, too. While he was busy, I took a look around Brent’s studio. It’s full of photos, sketches, artwork, and toys. It was easy to see that he’s a true artist and sees inspiration in many forms. The space was super bright (he had spotlights set so he could adjust them as need be) and exceptionally organized (with the inks, instruments, etc.). Plus, mirrors across one entire side of the room made for easy visibility and tattoo-viewing.

When my turn was up, I took a seat and Brent transferred his sketch onto my back (it’s done with thin paper which is rubbed onto the skin, easily transferring the design). I took a look in the mirror and asked for a little adjustment, which he was happy to make. He washed the original design off my back, re-positioned his paper, and we were set. And then came the ink. The experience felt mostly like someone took an ink pen and was rubbing it over and over onto my skin; it didn’t hurt, but is best described as annoying. Twenty minutes, and four stars later, I was dismissed. Brent bandaged me up, handed me instructions on care and some A & D ointment, and we were off.

Excellent space, care, and cleanliness.

Red walls and rockin' artwork.

We paid afterward, the total coming to $150 for me and the husband (mine was $50, his was $100), $180 after tip. Keep in mind, if you stop by to set up an appointment, you might need to set down a deposit (for us, it was $20). While we had 3 hours scheduled, we finished early, right around 2pm, which was a nice surprise. The guys at BDC were helpful from start to finish, and I’d be happy to return.

Finished product.

BDC Tattoo is open Tuesday-Saturday noon-8pm.

Find BDC Tattoo at: 938 Massachusetts, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.312.8288]

3 Responses to “BDC Tattoo”

  1. Amanda says:

    Looks awesome! What did Mr. Mass get?

  2. MrsMass says:

    Thanks! He got his family brand on his back.

  3. Roya says:

    Ichiban Tattoo is also on Mass, down by 19th St. Good guys there, too.

    Brent did my very extensive waist wrap. I’m hanging in his space in the frame with one of his awards :)