Lawrence Busker Festival 2012

Oh yes. Did you catch any of the Lawrence Busker Festival this past weekend? It was hard to miss if you were downtown at all between Friday evening and Sunday. If you’re not familiar with the Busker Festival then you’re missing out on some serious fire breathers and sword swallowers. It’s a fun-filled weekend with the coolest freaks and geeks of all kinds.

The outside events took place at five difference locations downtown. Two of the five were actually on Massachusetts Street, two were on side streets (8th and 10th between Mass and New Hampshire), and the last was in front of the Arts Center on New Hampshire. Basically, our apartment building was surrounded! It definitely made for easy entertainment.

This festival really runs the gamut. You have jugglers, unicyclists, hula hoopers, escapists, contortionists, etc. etc. We had quite the busy weekend, so unfortunately we didn’t catch many acts. However, we did catch Jonathan Burns, Contortionist, and Jason Divad, Juggler/Unicyclist. You can see from the photo up top that the contortionist was, well, …talented? Take a look at the faces in the crowd – that’s how I felt, too! Yikes. His humor also played into it, which made for a spectacular show.

As for the juggler/unicyclist, he had quite the fire show. It was really enchanting, especially in the darkness of the night. He also got the crowd involved a bit (as many of the Buskers do), so you can see in the photo below, he had a young man help throw him torches to juggle while unicycling. There were definitely a few nerve-racking moments; at times, I thought he might fall into the front row of kiddies! Needless to say, it was a thrill. There’s something really genuine and impressive about live¬†entertainment, right? I hope you were able to catch a few acts. If not, there’s always next year!

Fire Juggler, Jason Divad.


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