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When people describe Massachusetts Street, they often point out the cute coffee shops, the antique stores, the small art galleries,  and great used book stores.   What about that used store of that pinnacle of art, the video game?  Luckily Lawrence has Game Nut Entertainment!  (Yes, we also have Game Guy, but that is for another day).

The first floor in all its glory!

Staircase to Highscore


Opened in 2005, Game Nut is a store that specializes in used movies (they have a great collection of Anime), music, and most important: Games.  This includes current titles on current generation consoles: XBox 360, PS3, and Wii (if you can call that current).  Where Game Nut excels are its used games.  I’m talking old school.  How many times have you been sitting around with your buddies and one of them says “Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo was the best game ever!”  or “Zelda on the Gameboy was my favorite game growing up!”  Let’s face it, the old generation of games were amazing, and still are.

Old school consoles for sale! Great gift for husbands *cough cough*

REAL Gameboy Cartridges


Game Nut buys and sells old consoles and games.  When I was there they had an old Atari 2600 for $39.99, and a Super Nintendofor $49.99.  They even had an old Neo Geo.  They sold a huge array of SNES games anywhere from 4.99 to 24.99 depending on how awesome the game is (I’m sure rarity plays into that too).  Gameboy games (old school, the one that was black and white, err… greenish and darker greenish) ranged from 2.99 to 24.99 (Final Fantasy Adventure).  Old school NES games (the major reason I went in there when it first opened) ranged from 4.99 to… 39.99!  That high price tag was for Camerica’s old Micro Machines.

Highscore console stations... normally the overhead lights aren't on.

Snacks sold at Highscore!


That’s not all.  Upstairs the have the Game Nut High Score Gamers Loft.  Which is pretty much what every guy has always dreamed of owning.  A room filled with chairs, big TVs, and consoles.  You pay by the hour:

Non Member:
1 Hour $3.99
3 Hour $9.99
All Day Pass $14.99

1 Year Membership $29.99 (you get a 1 free day pass)
1 Hour $2.99
3 Hours $6.99
1 Day $9.99
1 Month Pass: $79.99

It can also be rented out for parties (Mrs Mass…. my next birthday maybe?).  As someone’s bachelor party involved getting all my guy friends together and playing console games together, I really appreciate this.

Zelda Storefront Art - Game Nut Entertainment

The storefront is special.  They change it out every 6-8 months and bring in artists.  The current one was designed by Scott Burr, sponsored by Smashotron Industries.  Seriously awesome.

Let me take a moment to jump on a soap box and explain why  Game Nut is important (with a MUD interface):

You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.  There is a small soapbox here.

>> Jump on soapbox

You jump onto a small wooden soapbox.


You are standing on a small wooden soapbox, surrounded by a handful of what look to be 20-30 something women, who usually read this blog for Mrs. Mass. and not some stuff about gaming.


“Video games are one of the highest forms of art and design.  Not only do game designers have to code eloquently and efficiently, they have to incorporate design on a level no other medium has to deal with.  Take movies.  They have photography, music, sound effects, editing, and special effects. Video games have ALL of this, plus coding, and dealing with a user interface that must feel and work great.  Plus, unlike a movie that has to write a single script, games often take on themselves multiple story lines and outcomes.

We are living in a golden era of video games; but, there is a catch.  I am lucky to be old enough to remember playing Tanks on Atari 2600.  The younger generation of gamers, are not so lucky.  They are missing out on the legacy that can be found in the walls of Game Nut.  Before Diablo III came Gauntlet.  Before Skyrim came Adventure.  Before New Super Mario Brothers 2 came … well Super Mario Brothers on NES , and Mario Brothers on Atari.

Recently we have seen a resurgence of the 8-bit look and 2D sidescrollers, now labeled “Platformers”.  Future generations are missing out on learning the history  of the game.  When I watched the movie Inception by Christopher Nolan, I immediately thought of old Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo.  New movie watchers can easily get ahold of older films.  New gamers?  Where do they go?

That is why Game Nut is important.  So that this new generation of gaming fans can experience the classics for themselves.”

>> Jump

You get off of the soap box.  The lights go out.  It is pitch black.

>> Light torch

The torch does not light.  You have been eaten by a grue.

Game Nut Entertainment is open Sunday 12pm-7pm, Monday – Saturday 10am-9pm
High Score Gamers Loft is open Sunday 12pm-9pm, Monday – Friday1pm -9pm, Saturday 10am-9pm

Find Game Nut Entertainment is at 844 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS [785.749.0105]


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