Liberty Hall Video

I have been told renting movies is a thing of the past. That being said, there’s something so undeniably charming about searching rows of movies with no particular set expectations, only to find gems of the past ready to be re-experienced in your own living room. Which is why I’m oh-so thankful that Liberty Hall Video exists.

Liberty Hall Video welcomes you.

Rows and rows of Hollywood nostalgia.

In case it needs to be said, Liberty Hall Video is located to the south of the Liberty Hall Theater (on the corner of 7th and Mass), and has a separate entrance. Once inside, you’ll see it’s a quaint little space that hosts an impressive amount of films available to rent (and some to buy-near the checkout counter, $3.00/DVD or four for $10.00). They run the gamut from new releases to classics, and as my husband has noticed from time to time, they also have most all of the Criterion Collection.

SO much more fun to experience than Redbox or Netflix.

Our recent 2 for 1: Catch Me If You Can and Cowboys and Aliens.

As for prices, Liberty Hall Video rentals are as follows: New blu-rays and DVDs $3.50; other blu-rays $3.00; Criterion Collection $3.00; category of the week $1.00; dollar catalog $1.00; everything else $2.50. But the best part? – Everyday 2 for 1! Yep, everyday. Keep in mind, your rental is good for two days, so best make a movie night out of it. But what a great way to rent movies instantly, for a cheap price, AND support local businesses, right? Right.

Liberty Hall Video is open Monday-Saturday 11-11; Sunday 12-11.

Find Liberty Hall Video at: 646 Massachusetts St, Lawrence Kansas 66044.

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