Final Fridays

I’m fairly certain every Lawrencian is well aware of Final Fridays, but to cover all bases, let’s start at home base. Final Fridays is a celebration of the arts that includes special exhibits, performances, fashion, activities and studio tours in Downtown Lawrence on the Final Friday of every month. Final Fridays in Lawrence has been cooking since August of 2010 and it’s with great thanks to Lawrence Arts Center, Downtown Lawrence Inc., and The Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission (to name a few). There are hundreds of artists involved in this event each month, and dozens of locations on Mass Street and beyond opening their doors to visitors, wanderers and shoppers alike. It’s easy to spot the Final Fridays participants, too, thanks to the bright yellow Final Fridays flags located outside of the participating businesses. Most venues are open from about 5pm-9pm, with some exceptions (some close earlier, some stay open quite late) and it’s all free! (Unless you want to take something home of course… warn the wallet before hand)

To visit each and every Final Friday participant would be thrilling, but it’s seemingly impossible. There’s simply too much to see! Therefore, I’ve touched on a few hot spots during last month’s Final Friday, and I’ll share that info with you here and now. But please look for an update in the future when I hope to cover more ground!

Sean Starwars' woodcut prints at Wonder Fair gallery.

Lost Art Space artists in basement of Phoenix Gallery.

Wonder Fair (studio/shop/gallery) had a great exhibit of Sean Starwars’ woodcut prints. This Mississippi local was making fresh screenprints last Final Friday and had a glorious display of his work around the charming studio. All prints were $40 or less (!) and were superbly vibrant.

Next we skipped over to Lost Art Space, where they had a curious showing entitled, “Stare.” The works displayed represented the talents of six artists. These guys were quick to inform us that the party wouldn’t stop at 9pm; they extended the fun to their new location in the East Lawrence Arts District, where they hosted an “After Hours Open Studio.”

Awava's launch at Foxtrot!

Woop woop for Final Fridays.

The last spot we spent some time at was Foxtrot, which welcomed Awava, a fair trade Ugandan company launching a new clothing line. This was really spectacular; I’ve never before seen such rich, confident patterns in simplistic styles. The styles were created by a local designer who had worked directly with Ugandan female artisans and tailors. While these items can’t be found currently in stores, interested shoppers can visit their website to browse and find trouble. Personally, I was drooling over the Mumpi Shorts!

Short and sweet, I know. But I promise an update in the future. Hope to bump into you at this month’s Final Friday: July 27th!


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  1. Jerry says:

    I spy with my little eye . . . Mr. Mass!

  2. MisterMass says:

    Mr. Mass and his sweet little a.. Hey, is that a print? On a side note, I think those are screen prints, not wood block prints dear :)