Downtown Living Take-Two

Its been a little over a month since I posted my previous experience living on Mass St, and now that we’ve made a move – but are still located downtown – I can reflect on some of the insightful differences between the two locations/apartments, and share the general outlook our new home has offered us. I also have some photos to share, since we’re now somewhat settled. But first let me just say, I’m happy as apple pie with our new location and our new home.

About six weeks ago now, we moved from living above a business on Mass to living in an apartment complex one block removed from Mass. While my previous location spit me out directly onto Mass St (awesome), it also locked me into living above/below/across from various business on Mass St that were not so tenant-friendly. I’ll unpack this a bit for you: we were struggling with various noise disturbances from more than one direction. Our new home is located inside of a larger seven-story apartment complex, and the previously well-known noise issue has dissipated. Our apartment looks out East, where there’s a large empty lot, rumored to eventually host a hotel. We’ll see if/how quickly this story turns to truth, and I’ll keep you posted on that front. Near the empty lost is The Percolator which occasionally hosts a few bands that rock out from here to the Kansas River (though they always cap it by 9pm), but otherwise, the noise in the area is appropriately active (and thus, just plain ‘ol “normal”). Phew. Friends on the opposite side of the building (looking out to Mass; West) have mentioned their nights are not always so hush hush. I’ve been told boozy college kids tend empty out into the back alley way, serenading the early hours of the morning with the KU fight song. Sounds like a good time if you’re a part of it, but if you’re in bed trying to catch some Zs, I’m sure it’s not so swell.

Another difference is the size of apartments. We sucked it up and made the move from a two-bedroom to a one-bedroom! The new building offers studios, one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms, so it’s not that we couldn’t plop ourselves down in a roomy two-bedroom. Rather, having lived in tiny New York apartments, we’ve found we’re pretty good at (and strangely prefer) living in smaller spaces. That and, well, we’re young and cheap. So then, we made the jump from two to one bedroom, which really only means we had to “give up” our office. That became a fairly easy fix when we divided our large bedroom into an office/bedroom (thank you, Ikea shelving). Also, we now have a balcony (hooray for some private outdoor space!) which is superb. Our new apartment rents for 1025/month, which is a hefty step up from the friendly 725/month we were paying. If you ask me: worth. it.

Bed/Ikea shelving/Office.

Windows! Living space.

Otherwise, a few perks to mention that might be of interest to you: the new building offers a gym (located on the first floor). I’m not a member, nor do I take part in the 2-hour open gym that is offered each night (I’ve only heard of this from other tenants), but I can say it’s a schnazzy place that has an impressive facility. Also, this building offers intense security: fobs to enter the building after hours, cameras in every hallway/entry way, etc. I’m definitely not concerned about my safety here. Parking is also easy-peasy. The garage connected on the South side has direct entry to the building (via elevator which requires the security fob to use), and by signing our lease, we received a 10-hour parking pass for downtown Lawrence. Not bad, not bad.

Little bit of organization goes a long way.

Spacious countertops, I've missed you.

Overall, I’m happy to remain downtown, and definitely enjoying this new location. Downtown living has its ups and downs, and while I can’t speak for all, I can admit I believe being one step back from the hub is a nice compromise. I hope you’ve enjoyed this blip on downtown living in Lawrence. I’ll continue to keep you posted on the happenings of Mass St, and want to thank you for your readership!


4 Responses to “Downtown Living Take-Two”

  1. mary says:

    Thanks for sharing the pics. We are moving to a studio in NYC and are struggling for storage space and how to make the “bedroom” work. I love the shelves you used and I am heading to IKEA!!! Thanks :)

  2. Caroline says:

    I can’t wait to see your new place. It looks so nice from the pictures! Glad you are happier there!

  3. Lamia says:

    Looks like I’m looking to move into the same building. New TT faculty arriving from overseas and for me the biggest perk is the gym. Another faculty member who lives in the same building had told me that gym access comes with it but apparently not so which is a bummer. You have however answered a major concern I had. As a professional older person in her thirties I certainly do NOT want to deal with undergrad parties in the building and you seem to suggest noise is not a big problem.

  4. Former Jayhawk says:

    I lived in these lofts for about a year right after they first opened to tenants. Living back on the East Coast now and very happy, but I absolutely LOVED my apartment and miss it so much. The building is amazing – stainless steel appliances, ceramic tiled showers, that stained cement floor!, those high ceilings!, that square footage!, and that price!! – and reading this post has made me so so nostalgic!