For eight months now, we’ve had a couple Wheatfields gift-cards sitting around, waiting patiently to be exchanged for delicious meals. After finally using them today, I’m kicking myself for not having stepped foot into Wheatfields sooner.

Plenty of mouth-watering options

A side counter dedicated to fresh baked goods

We headed to Wheatfields around 12:30pm today (Saturday) and it was sun-filled and energetic. Everyone was stopping in for lunchtime. It instantly reminded me of a place I really enjoyed in New York – Le Pain Quotidien- except Wheatfields is local, cozier and proudly Midwestern.

Wheatfields is such a happy little cafe

Lunch was quite the treat

After settling on the #9 turkey and cranberry relish (for me) and the #16 cordon bleu sandwich (for him) we found an available table in the back, next to big windows looking out onto 9th Street. Wheatfields is the epitome of a neighborhood cafe, offering a cheerful environment and local art displayed on every wall. I felt comfortable just enjoying the space, and wanted to sit and soak it in for hours. However, my stomach wasn’t so patient, and fortunately we didn’t have to wait more than about 5 minutes until our food came (so quick!). I was so pleasantly surprised with the presentation of the meal, that I couldn’t help myself and voiced my pleasure with a small coo. And what’s better than pretty food? – When it tastes just as scrumptious as it looks. And it did. I would have eaten the entire thing, but I filled up on the first half of my sandwich.

Ooooh, fresh fresh breads

And some you're-in-trouble pastries

Before heading out, I had to say hello to the delicate pastries and golden baked breads by the entrance. I didn’t spring for any this time, but have plans to drop in on another weekend to snatch up some fresh goodness.

All-in-all, we left with happy bellies and look forward to our return. Our lunch was $18.30 (total) which included our sandwiches, a shared bag of chips and a Pepsi.

Find Wheatfields at: 904 Vermont St, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.841.5553]

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