Milton’s is quite obviously one of the most popular breakfast places on Mass Street. If you’ve ever walked by Milton’s on a weekend morning, you’ve likely noticed a few random people standing around outside. Yep, that’s right, those people are waiting to enjoy a hot breakfast at Milton’s. For the longest time, we’d walk by with no hope; the wait seemed too long to consider. However, while my parents were in town a couple weeks ago, we stumbled upon Milton’s around 11:45am and there was no wait! Jackpot.

Entry to Milton's.

You wanna talk about coffee selection?

I had never been inside Milton’s before, and the interior is representative of what I would have guessed: warm, busy, cozy, chatty. We were invited to sit at a fairly large table for four (always nice when you have a little extra room, right?) and got comfortable while we perused the menu. While I decided on a cafe latte, my family members all went with a simple cup of jo, which gave them great options – all self-serve at the coffee bar.

MMmmm, latte.

Now we understand the weekend wait.

Before we even had a chance to order, a friendly gentleman from the kitchen came to our table to offer us a slice of fresh pizza to sample! I could have gone with the pizza after that little sample, but decided to stay true to brunch and go with something a little more eggy. After much debate (the choices here are tweaked just enough to inspire salivating curiosity) I decided on the salmon and scrambled eggs, while family had huevos rancheros (mom) and pancakes with various sides (for the boys). Everyone was very happy with their meals, although mine did have a heavy dose of dill (gave the eggs a solid kick, but maybe a bit too much). It was a wonderful, relaxed brunch, and dad especially enjoyed the fact that the waitress gave us the liberty to, “take as much time as [we] need!” Overall, a great laid back option for brunch (especially if you can hit it at the precise moment to encounter no wait) and the bill was under $50 total for four people. I don’t have exact numbers for this entry because dad picked up the bill (thanks, dad)!

Our sun-filled view from our table up front.

A sweet selection of delicacies near the entry calls your name.

Find Milton’s at: 920 Massachusetts St, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.832.2330]

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  1. lizy perry says:

    i love sitting out in front! it’s the best on weekends OR any sunny day :)