St. Patrick’s Day Parade

This past weekend Lawrence celebrated the 25th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Mass Street. I’ve never seen so many shades of green in such a variety of sizes, shapes and textures; everyone (human, dog, horse, etc.) was out and about in their St. Patty’s best. We caught the first hour of the parade and I have some festive photos to show for it. A few fun facts before I wrap up: there were 160 floats this year, and this Lawrence tradition has raised almost seven hundred thousand dollars for local charities since its start in 1987!

(green truck)

(green horse)


(green all the way down the block)

(green and rainbow float)

(green band)

(green mini Cinderella)

(Free State beer float! Not so green)

(Allen Fieldhouse float! Green not necessary)

(Allen Fieldhouse float, front view)

(Allen Fieldhouse float, front view)

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