Antique Mall

Looming mid-Mass Street is the gigantic building that is theĀ Antique Mall, and oh, the goodies you’ll find inside. Selling collectibles and antiques alike, Antique Mall boasts dozens of dealers that have various booths inside full of everything from vintage clothing to vanities and jewelry to jazz records.

I’ll bop in here sporadically, just to see if I can find any treasures, and usually end up losing a good hour or so just wandering through the booths. There’s an upstairs, the main floor (where you enter) and a downstairs; consider yourself warned!

Entry to Antique Mall.

A booth full of treasures.

The gems you’ll find in this place range from pennies to hundreds of dollars; there’s really something for everyone. During my last visit, I spotted this silver, overarching lamp (in the booth photo above) which my husband tells me is an imitation Arco floor lamp. At $159.00, it’s slightly out of my ideal price range, but definitely noteworthy nonetheless.

A fashion booth downstairs.

Various wooden treasure boxes.

Another booth showcased some beautiful wooden boxes (above right). I was pleasantly surprised to see their tags sported an easy $15.00 price, which for the quality and beauty seems like quite the deal. I’m in no need of these precious keepsakes, but did have to think twice about the golden 3-drawer chest (same photo, left side of the picture) that called my name at only $9.50. After reluctantly realizing that my hour+ of wandering had produced no necessary purchases, I secretly whispered my promise to soon return as I strolled out of the Antique Mall.

Antique Mall is open 10am-6pm daily and 1pm-5pm Sunday.

Find Antique Mall at: 830 Massachusetts St, Lawrence Kansas 66044. [785.842.1328]

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  1. Natalie says:

    Thanks to you, I will be going to the Antique Mall for a unique jewelry box. I forgot it was even there (despite it’s large presence on Mass). Love your blog!