This past Friday evening, my husband and I went to a restaurant that is not – by any means – unfamiliar to us: 715. Within the first week we moved here, we noticed this little gem and life has not been the same since. Needless to say, we’ve visited often enough, so it’s my pleasure to do a write-up on this hot spot.

715 is a little over two years old, and specializes in local foods with an Italian twist. The name comes directly from the address (715 Massachusetts) and is pronounced seven fifteen. We walked over to the restaurant around 7:15pm (silly coincidence) Friday evening and were somewhat surprised to hear it’d be an hour wait (!) This is easy to believe because we know the food is superb, but in the handful+ times we’ve been I must say we’ve never had to wait more than 15 minutes. In any case, we put our name down happily and returned an hour later to be seated promptly.

715 entry and bar.

715 table in back.


The interior of this restaurant is part of the charm. The wood floors, exposed stone walls, and illuminated hanging bulbs create an inspiring environment that always excites me for the meal to follow. I also must add, they have an open kitchen which always makes me feel so much more connected (and comfortable) with the restaurant.

Anderson Sidecar & McGregor's Revenge.

Prosciutto crostini & mixed olives.






Per usual, we started with drinks! The drinks here are not to be missed, truly. I prefer the Anderson Sidecar (which I ordered this evening) but the Kirby Sour is also quite delightful. My husband ordered McGregor’s Revenge, which has been his recent favorite. This particular night, we went all out and opted for an appetizer of prosciutto crostini and mixed olives to tide us over. This duo is a hit; 715 has melt-in-your-mouth, mild prosciutto which was balanced out by the salty goodness of the mixed olives. We had  no trouble finishing off these starters.

And then, the main attraction. I went with lasagna bolognese (which I had sampled on a previous date, off my husband’s plate) and he choose a special of the evening: pork confit and spactzle. Admittedly, the lasagna was quite the sloppy site upon arrival – especially in comparison to my husband’s clean and pretty plate – but I was not fooled by its untidy appearance. The lasagna was, in all its saucy goodness, a true treat of a meal. I couldn’t help but think it tasted like a slice of lasagna pie! As for my husband’s dish, I was sold after one bite. I’m not much for pork, but it was so tender and packed with flavor. We were completely satisfied by the end of our meal. The only wish my husband would have made, he admitted: a couple extra bites. His comment points out a noteworthy fact of 715 meals, which is that most dishes are served as perfect portion sizes (which I particularly appreciate).

There was truly no room for desert, although it was quite tempting. Total for the delectable night out: $64 (with tip, $76). I’ll savor this visit until next time.

My chaotic lasagna.

His tidy pork confit and spactzle.


Find 715 at: 715 Massachusetts St, Lawrence KS 66044. [785.856.7150]


4 Responses to “715”

  1. MisterMass says:

    Mmm…. McGregor’s Revenge….

  2. Lindsey says:

    Look at the little blogger. Love it! My friends Kim and Dan are OBSESSED with 715. You guys need to meet so you can fall in couple love. Keep these blogs coming!

  3. Deb says:

    Enjoy your blog. Will follow up with visiting your recommendations.

  4. liz says:

    Great place for Sunday Brunch with Family!!!