The Granada

Music is best heard live, and I’m a big fan of medium/small venues for the occasion. While living in New York, I’d see bands at Terminal 5, Bowery Ballroom, Mercury Lounge, Music Hall of Williamsburg, etc. So I was certainly interested to check out Lawrence music venues. The Granada is one of a couple venues on Mass Street, and I was thrilled to hear one of my favorite bands was coming to play in town: Dr. Dog. For the small price of $15 (plus a $5 service fee – seemingly not uncommon for tickets here) I had a date with The Granada. I was wonderfully curious to see what the interior of this hot spot offered. Boy, was I in for a treat.

A view from the balcony.

The space inside is really superb. I was told this place used to be a skating rink, believe it or not! After seeing the wooden floor and the curve of the space, it’s easy to visualize that transformation. We arrived only 15 minutes after doors opened and grabbed some space to the right of the stage. The Granada offers various tiers to view the concert from, and luckily our squat space was on the first tier up, allowing no one to block our clear view of the bright lights. However, if you’re one to hunt for seats at concerts beware: the only tables to be found were located on the balcony level, each table accompanied by two, maybe three chairs. Slim pickings for sure.

After grabbing a few beers, we were ready for music. Now I have to admit, the one element I wasn’t prepared for was the bass. Never had I experienced such a firm bass as the deep-seated ones at The Granada. The bass resonated in the bones of my body, and I had to catch my breath the minute they began to sound (from sheer¬†surprise¬†and vibration)! And I should note here that Dr. Dog is not necessarily a bass heavy band. In any case, I was well adjusted after the first few minutes and continued to soak in the night.

Post concert, we were able to exit within about 5 minutes (which was a nice surprise). Overall, it was a fantastic experience.

Brother near, balcony level behind.

The crowd/the space.

Dr. Dog rockin' out.







Find The Granada at: 1020 Massachusetts St, Lawrence KS 66044.


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  1. Jamie Carson says:

    This is amazing! I love you, girl! You are such a talented, inspiring female. Get it.